Glorious Fiber! I Can Already Smell It.

Oh yaaa! Mmm, lekka fibre optics for a speedy interwebz konnekshun. The eager digging boyz have reached our little housy now, and as far as we know we’ll get some sort of base station of which the other houses in our row will feed off. Pfff, I have no idea how that works. Don’t even know if we need to buy a new modem/router thingie again.

But anyway, these guys are just putting the plastic tubes below the ground. The real fancy fibre guys will only set foot in our kompleks once the dirty diggers are done and finished. And then we have to make a decision: Do we stick with our current provider, who done us good for the last 10 years, or do we just go for the cheapest offer? Far as I know this will be a much more straightforward deal, bandwith for money, since fiber is technically much easier to handle and should always be perfect until some stupid worker drills into the fiber cable or so.

We’ll see in February …



    • Come to the suburbs, Willow, here where the economy b00ms and where people are moving in at breakneck speeds. Our formerly sleepy fishing hamlet has turned into one of the most busy areas in South Africa, maybe that’s why we’re still among the first to get fiber. I mean, ok, up in Jo’burg they are already much advanced and here at the cape, the more rich southern suburbs also had fiber before us. But we’re still good compared to the rest of this hippie town. And forget about the more rural parts of the country. Where the proud zulu warriors still live in round clay huts they don’t even have cellphone towers.

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      • He he I live where I do for reasons other than technical access. I lived and worked in Atlanta, Georgia, USA area for over twenty years. It was called in the early nineties Silacon Vally East so I had access to almost cutting edge technology. But when I took early retirement I deliberately built my house in this rural area to get away from the rush rush of even the suburbs. It took some getting used to. When I first moved here all I could get was 300 bps dial up. Now I have 75M bps. While I’m envious of fiiber but I’ll stay where I am. 😁

        But Canada is starting to look good for political reasons.

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        • Know what you mean about leaving relatively high bandwidth (in my case, an apartment in the Mississippi oil patch where Comcast would sell you bundled cable, VOIP phone and 97 MBps Internet for about $70 a month). But now I live in the sunny Gulf coast, with seafood fresh off the boat and a church which enthusiastically celebrated a wedding of two nice ladies. One crappy ISP in the town we live, but someday, someday I’ll move to the next county over where you can get 100 Mbps Internet, not 5 Mbps.

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