New Stove

Remember the household appliances of our parents’ generation? A good Miele washing machine or a Bosch fridge used to be one-time purchases that held out for a lifetime. Dunno exactly but I could swear my mom is still using the same washing machine she used to wash my diapers in. And that is now, like, ugh, many years ago.

Anyhoo, the crappola they are building and selling today always comes with predetermined breaking points, so we gotta go out and buy shiny and shitty kitchen appliances every couple years. \o/ YAY! Capitalism! \o/


So it was with a heavy heart we went out and finally bought a new stove. And our old one was still brandnew, as we only bought it in 2002 when we moved into our SA home. Well, during the years 3 of the hot plates quit their service but one remaining working plate, plus the microwave, were always enough for our humble food preparation needs.

But when the last plate gave up with a loud *p00f* last thursday, and flicked the main fuse and dumped our house into darkness, we thought we really needed to purchase a new stove. Nothing expensive or posh, just the cheapest stove we could find at Makro (local Wallmart branch). We don’t need more, since this modern housewife does 90% of her tricky cooking in the microwave oven.

Cool, the stove was delivered yesterday, and they even took the old broken one away. Only one small little problem: You know stoves are not like normal electrical appliances like stereos or TV sets or computers … they need some expertish installation. Luckily one of our neighbors is an electroman, and he promised to come by tomorrow and connect that stove. Very cool.

Gaga wasn’t just cheaper but is much more practical and sexy than the stupid oven. 🙂




I still have the feeling that my nifty Lenovo desktop PC, Gaga, which was even cheaper than the stove, was the much better investment. That little warrior already saved my blog’s ass twice and is a super Linux distro tester and all around nice n nifty and much more of a must-have than the stupid oven. :/


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