Maybe it’s a bit too Early …

… but I don’t think the year 2017 will see any more breathtakingly fresh and surprisingly good Linux distros. And having just watched Steve’s (English Bob’s) top 5 distros and mostly agreeing with his choices, I think why not presenting you my Top 5 top hits and charts stormers of 2017.

But first let’s watch English Bob’s hitparade:

Steve didn’t really rank his top choices. And that’s not only ok,  it’s preferable. As I’ve told you already the choice of your personal best distro is, like, totally personal and subjective. A matter of taste and workflow. Let’s not forget operating systems are among the most boring things on the planet. Super important but dull and boring. The main objective any OS has to fulfill for me is to make itself invisible and kinda disappear from my screen and my consciousness. It should be an extension of myself.

So, after you’ve watched Bob’s vid let’s write down his Top 5 8:

  • Solus: Yeah, we remember Orca tested it herself and really liked it. But she found some stuffz that made it incompatible with her workflow. Still a super newcomer to the Linux scene. We will hear much more about it in the next couple years.
  • MX17: Not too much of a fan. It’s one of the run-of-the-mill Debian distros, and as such not on my favourite desktop. And it’s not an endlessly rolling distros.
  • Linux Lite: It’s not for Orca but one of the best, if not the best, n00bie distros.
  • Manjaro: \o/ YAY! \o/ Bob’s on LXDE desktop, which I don’t like but kudos to him for running and liking Manjaro.
  • ArchMerge: Another newcomer which made a giant splash in the Linux sea.
  • SwagArch: Nice and sympathetic ArchLinux distro.
  • Kubuntu 17.10: I hate that shit … with a passion, Even my Kubuntu-loving husband is still hanging on to the 14.04 version since he doesn’t like the new Plasma desktops.
  • Peppermint 8: BoB’s absolute favourite. As it happens so often in the Linux world, he found his personal best. Peppermint obviously clicked with Bob. Another happy camper. Congratz on that.

English Bob

Ok, now my bestest favourites of 2017 and before. A culmination of now 6 years on Linux. And no panic, my list is much shorter than Bob’s. Even if I like and agree with most of his choices, doesn’t mean I would necessarily use or recommend those distros. I’ll just stick to my usual 3 distros, as I recommend them for 3 user types:

  • Total Dummy: You need Linux Lite!
  • Linux n00b but cool with everything Microsoft and Apple: Linux Mint won’t help you learn how to ride your bicycle but is so friendly and logical and should by easy for everybody who’s not a Total Dummy.
  • Cool with Linux and wanting the bestest: Manjaro is the friendliest of the geeky bunch. It’s based on ArchLinux, rolling, almost always on the forefront of freshness and lets you custom taylor your system to your needs. Manjaro is for me what Peppermint is for Bob.
OrcaLinux_002 (Kopie)
Even a fukn cartoon figure can be a cool Linux user!


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