Get Linux for 370 US$!

But hey … what?

Doesn’t Orca always say that Linux is free? So why would I pay nearly 400 bucks for an open source OS when I get the original Windows much much cheaper?

Yes, you’re right, Linux is free … and it won’t cost anything neither. But you know I’m always on the prowl for good cheap hardware on which you can run your Linux system. Free of risk and without interfering with your Windows system. We do that at a later point in time. But for now I want you to run your first Linux on dedicated hardware, no matter how shitty it is.

More curvacious than Orca. But then pretty much everything has more curves than your editrix. 😦

And maybe I’ve found something nice for you: 369 350 dollars for a complete all-in-one setup is a word, right? You won’t find anything from Apple in that pricerange. Looksee here so:

Looks cool, does it? But wait, here is a real, more critical review:

So, ok, we gathered now it’s not a very good machine. But what do you expect? It’s a fukn Celeron ffs! Not the brightest bulb in the pack and not the fastest horse in the stable, but it should run any Linux distro you throw at it without any problems. See, these things are made to run Windows, and Windows is a helluvalot more demanding than Linux.

Lon ran Ubuntu 17.10 in his video and it was running without any problems, so this crappola AIO is a good stepping stone into the world of Linux.

So, do I recommend for all my American friends, to run to GearBest’s website and order a C270 right away? No, no nope! Not if you can avoid it. But honestly, if you’re living in an area with weak infrastructure or you don’t trust used second hand hardware in the first place, this is a practical and secure way to get shitty hardware that will just do the job. And you’ll have everything at once, no need to scramble for an old screen, keyboard and mouse. Just unpack and plug in and play with your brandfukn new fancy Linux!

You could purchase the C270 from GearBest.


PS: As always, should anyone of you guyz and dollz decide to go this route, pleeze pleeze let us know. Report back to the blog. And for the love of god, make many many photos and screenshots!!!


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