I’m Famous

Hei gurlz n boiz, your Orcsi just received a weird email. Here, this …

It was in connection with this post.

Whoa, that’s flattering. But also suspicious, dontcha think? Who the fuk is this Liz McIntyre person and is she really working with StartPage search engine? And why is she so foggy about what “social channels” “they” have posted my article.

And most distressing, why and how can my writing style be familiar to her? Maybe if she has to read a lot of letters by toddlers and maybe other ESLers. Or is she part of the SL blogosphere? Hmmmm …

Anyhoo, I was almost ready to delete Liz’s mail but then decided on a search for StartPage and ended up on their Twitter. And there I found this …

Twitter is for twats!

So the mail seems legit. And I’m now really a kinda big deal or sumfink! LOL

Otoh I gotta state I’m using a search engine such as StartPage exactly for the reason to remain private and reasonably anonymous. Ok, my blog is no secret and everything is out in the open, but Liz should know then, as well as anybody else, that I’m not on any social media other than  my bloggo, and am not interested in dealing with all that social shit. It is very discouraging when you’re using a super secret search engine with super privacy only to get then emails by virtual strangers congratulating you on your good choice. 😮


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