Asuka’s Place Onsen

Ohayou gozaimasu my cleanly friends,

like two days ago I went bathing – not swimming, never swimming! – again in order to totally relax my mind and cleanse my body as it’s a very old Japanese tradition. As you know I’m on a quest to find out which of the many onsens in SL is coming closest, not only in terms of recreating the Japanese ritual best, but in which of the SL bathhouses I come closest to the desired effect of deep relaxation.

Let’s see how the onsen at Asuka’s Place faired in relation to other bathhouses I’ve visited so far:

The nicely done entrance to the onsen in an otherwise unspectacular, some Japanese styled, sim.
Before you enter the pool area you’ll find a generous lounge/reception area … but no dressing rooms. Fortunately Orca was aready nekkid, so no problems in that regard.
Hm, I have my doubts if a rather proletarian sunbed belongs in a dignified onsen. But, ok, this is afterall a modern onsen in a modern city.
The outdoors pool area is just right. Not too huge, not too deep. The massage table, otoh, is a bit stupid if you don’t bring your own masseur or masseuse or massage therapist. :/
Mmm, relaxation by the poolside isn’t the traditional thing but really rather nice in this innercity wellbeing oasis.
Okee, the sunbathing tiki float is a bit overdone and misses the spirit of an onsen completely.
The builder/admin of Asuka’s onsen really doesn’t care about Japanese decorum. Under the lovely shower streams you won’t even find any showering anims. Pff, it’s purely atmospheric, for the looks.
But the couple of bathing anims are nice and well-integrated. At least if you’re a fun-sized avie like Orca. Oh, hey, I just notice I forgot to wear my mesh feet! Yikes! 😮
Unfortunately the anims are all in balls. But in this onsen I make an exception since this’ll make it easier for the bather to find the anims around the pool area. Of course they could’ve used better, more modern stuff, but this equipment will still do for a while.
“Gokuraku … gokuraku.”
Floating is frowned upon in any RL onsen as you’re not supposed to dunk your noggin in the water. Much more important tho: Where are me mesh feet???

CONCLUSION: The onsen in Denholme Field is just one of several builds that comprise Asuka’s Place. Her main focus is on a sexclub and hotel rooms for rent. And it shows in the execution of the bathhouse. While the build is actually very nice the whole setup does severely lack in the details. This onsen is as far removed from the original experience as imaginable. Fortunately the bathing anims in the pool itself are okayish enough, considering the location on the übersexed mainland continent of Zindra. Where many onsens are part of specifically Japanese environments of private islands, Asuka’s Place can’t afford such luxury and is therefore quite compromised.


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