Running Errands

And what a day it was to run errands. Yes, totally boring: Banking stuff, some groceries, medical supplies, breakfast … the usual stuff one does on errand days. Fortunately hubby had my camera in his bag today, so I could illustrate what I saw along the way.

First hubby has given up on his restauration project and asked me to get rid of the remnants of his old old guitar. Yeah, it’s a sad sight, isn’t it. 😦 But that thing is beyond help.
Then we noticed again how strange it is for us northern Europeans to see xmas deco in the local mall, while we’re enjoying the springtime heat and suffering a very severe drought. 😦
Meanwhile the cinema shows something called “Thor’s Anorak” in 3D. Jeezus, those flakey Saffas are even worse with grammar than the Americans.
Special offer at the drugstore: Terminal commands for the very young Linux n00bs cheaper when you take two.

Needless to say I lost all hope for the human race today. 🙂


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