Menge tak, Træp. :(

Looks nice … and brave!

Regarding my recommendation for everybody to switch to the Pale Moon interwebz browser, the ultra exta special geeky nerdy Trap had an alternative solution:

It happened here.

Hmm, my curiosity appropriately awoken by now, I almost immediately wanted to install that Brave bowser on MiniMax, my main blogging and SL machine. But …

Fukn faileroo! 😦

Okayyyyy, it’s not like I’d only have one machine and one OS. Haha, so let’s activate Gaga and try it in the wonderful world of Minty Debian:

Nhn, stupid Orca. We’re still behind the moon and love only Chrome. And fuk your political principles! No phreedum for you!!!

The quite extensive Mint/DebianUbuntu repos don’t even know the Brave browser. 😮 Well, at least I’m kinda save on Pale Moon and can be a Linux afficionado with a clean conscience. But I’d liked to test it out. I mean a open source browser based on Chrome(ium) technology but without the evil attached to it would’ve been mighty yummy.



    • Halfdead? Hey now, that thing is only, like, 3 years old or so and still the most powerfullest computer I ever did own! That machine is mighty strong!!! And fast! And so far it swallows everything I throw at it. And whaddaya mean “compile” I merely tried to install from the AUR. But ok, you the pundit her, so I’ll try the bin next. BTW, hubby did install Brave in his Kubuntu 14.04 without any problems. He downloaded and installed it from the Brave website.
      Will report back tomorrow or so.


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