Did You Do the Switcheroo?

To Pale Moon already? Just curious, and was reminded to ask ask around when I just got an update for this browser.


So, did you? And if you did what are your thoughts? Doesn’t hurt or does it? In my experience it wasn’t a biggie, everything is pretty much as it always was. Some Add-ons aren’t working anymore, many aren’t needed anyways. The rest is more or less the same as it always was in Firefux. I’m pretty happy now.

Let me know please what you think about Pale Moon. Or what other browser did you choose as an alternative to Firefux? You know you need one, right? Coming ver. 57 Firefux will become unusable for the politically correct and privacy concerned user. So tell me what is your escape plan?



    • Ohai Træppø, long time no see. Howzya Fuji doin? Brave? Yeah, heard gud thinks about it. My problem with any other viewer than FF based ones is that I’m desperately clinging onto my bookmarks and also some Add-ons. And I guess you won’t find ass many nifty add-ons in any other browser. 😮
      Lemme no if Brave can give us Zen Mate and uBlock, and I’ll be willing to give it a try.


      • And waddaya mean with “used brave some”? Means you’re usually on some other browser (Chrome? Brrrrr) and only gave Brave a testrun?


    • Far too BROKE you mean! No, we pay for what we consume, if and when we consume. And Zen Mate ain’t like a VPN, not really. It’s more like a VPN turned around 180°. It tells German television – for which we pay automatically since it’s mandatory – that we are connecting from Germany when in fact we are half the globe away from home. Yes, I know I’ve told everybody that we got rid of our TV set, and that is true, BUUUT we’re making use of their mediateque and watch some stuff (the internationally acclaimed “Tatort” crime thrillers for example) via live stream or from their archive. And hubby sometimes watches sportsball matches or other series.

      About the technicalities … I’ve got no clue what is suposed to run on OS level or in an app. Also wasn’t me. Hubby installed Zen Mate on both our machines, I’ve got nothing to do with it. As long as the shit works I’m happy.


      • And here you have it: Brave isn’t available from the regular repo so I tried to install it from the AUR … and failed. 😦
        Will look at it later in LMDE. Hopefully I’ll get it installed thereabouts.


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