Tom Followed Orca’s Recommendation!

LOL, as if. 🙂

As if anyone would need a recommendation, or a kick in the @$$, to switch from Winblows to LinuxMint. It is the top #1 Linux in the world afterall. Why? Because it’s sooo fukn good! Based on Ubuntu, which is still for one reason or another a fave of the moving masses. I find it crap, but that doesn’t matter. And what the Mint guys made from the Ubuntu basis is an example in useability and friendliness. So the jump from Microsoft to freedom will be as pain free as possible and an all around positive experience.

So here is Tom of the Switched to Linux YouTube channel giving us his Top 5 reasons why he uses LinuxMint.

So watch the video … but today just don’t stop there! Instead go to the Minty website, download the ISO, install it on a dedicated piece of hardware (as per Orca’s recommendation) and finally join the revolution! Dammit, it’s so easy to go from barmy Microserve to Kool Kid. And don’t you wanna be a Kool Kid? Yes, you do! So do it!!!



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