Sooner or Later it was Bound to Happen!

SoT: The (Hair)Rock Musical!

Uff … you know I love to waste one or two stupid clever sentences on every picture I show here in the blog. But lately RL is becoming just too ridiculous for even my hardcore pervert fantasy to keep up with things. So also in the case of Shame of Thrones – the Rock Musical.

Which leaves, for the GoT fan, some important questions: How could the enormity of Westeros possibly fit into an intimate upstairs theater? Why does everything have to become a rock musical? How much simulated sex in every position would such a show entail? (To answer that last one, a whole lot—which is just enough.)

Daniel Demello Public Relations

When you think about it, there really is no better way to send up George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic than with a rock score, Monty Python-style antics, and a lot of aggressive wigs. (Though Ned Stark’s righteous curls are all natural, courtesy of Milo Shearer.)

I couldn’t have made a better comment than the Daily Beast, so I just give you The Link.


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