Same Old Story

Oubaas all alone and neglected at the mechanic’s place. 😦

Oubaas in the workshop since more than two weeks now, mechanic calls us like “We need to talk …”, not available on the phone since yesterday, running out of foodstuff and *cough* female hygienic products. So another trek to the stores is in the cards for me. 😦

Sunday morning, 5:30 A.M., still no Oubaas in our parking lot.

It’s so sad. I’m sad. And angry. On Monday I’ll have some choice words for the mechanic. I mean he’s even outsourcing the labour to “specialists” and still they get no satisfying results. Windows still not going up n down, automatic gearshifter is crap, engine is shaking and rumbling, exhaust still not done, alarm is sounding off by itself. The whole thing looks and feels like a rolling gypsy camp. 😦

At this point in time we wanted to be done with fitting the camping furniture, so we can finally go on safari. Maybe we should scrap the Ford and go this route:

Running engine. perfect upholstery, new but fugly paintjob, available for pick-up any time … but it’s still just a fokn Vanagon. 😦



    • LOLNOOO!!!
      The volkswagen is orange on purpose while the Ford is supposedly fire engine red and just bleached out over the years. Shitty paintjob, done with shitty paint I assume. Also I photographed the Vanagon inside the shop, while the Ford was standing outside. The camera setting is set to “lively” colours too since usually Oubaas looks more like a zombie. You know what the salty atlantic sea climate does to metal surfaces? Altogether I gotta admit, Oubaas isn’t holding up too badly for a car from the 60s. The chassis is still doing fine and has no rust. And that’s the most important part of a car. The rest is just some sheet metal.


  1. The important part of a car is it drives more than 2 meters!!! hun maybe its time to do without for a bit, save up money and get a bit better of a car. maybe start a go fund me account. You two need a good vehicle especially the condition your hubby is in. I would be the first to contribute to such an account, I bet a lot of people both from SL and those Linux places you hang out would as well.

    There is no shame in it and maybe you get this problem solved for far longer than you have been.

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    • Oh, you want me to e-beg? Like all those YouTubers who get their channels demonitarized? Hun, the thing is, I don’t deliver any good videos, just a shitty little blog which doesn’t know what it’s going to be once its grown up. I would be ashmed to ask anyone to give me money for that. I was thinking about an Amazon affiliate program but I guesss I’d need many more subscribers for that. Although I guess I’d have quite the nifty and quirky webshop for you guys. 😉

      And what Linux places? I’m in no forum or registered with any site. They are like 99.9% male and totally geeky. Of course a newer better van would be nice, but after we’ve wasted like 90,000 ZAR on Turdy for no good reason, we don’t feel like we’ve earned anything better. And with Oubaas it’s really just a question of time. The engine is strong, the chassis is strong, suspension is ok-ish, breaks are fine, everything is groovy. It’s really just some stupid small stuff that needs to be done. Hubby was riding with me already twice. Everything worked perfectly. I will get Oubaas back tomorrow and can drive him for some days before I’ll bring him back in again. Thing is, the mechanic didn’t do much in the last week. He and his girlfriend moved houses and his garage is full with client’s cars. Of course Oubaas is flying underneath the radar and doesn’t get his full attention all the time.

      They say you get a decent small used car from 50,000 ZAR, underneath that threshold you get crap. Well, the mighty Oubaas did cost us 15,000. Should that tell us something?



  2. hi Orca
    Sorry to hear about your umm…..Ford. I don’t think there is too much basically wrong with the thing. But, jeezus woman! get thee a different mechanic. That goober who has your van is a………well, a goober.

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    • Why umm…Ford, Lez? It is a proper Ford, one of the most, if not the most iconic Ford model ever coming out of Europe. The Fjord Tronsø … err, Ford Transit. And our mechanic, he’s a good guy, just badly organized and he’s under a lot of stress right now. Let’s not forget he’s dealing with a vehicle from the 60s, totally Frankensteined with lots of parts from other Ford cars and 3rd party electronics n shit. Everything takes so long because you can’t just grab some spare parts from the shelf but have to fabricate most stuff. And then let’s not forget my kinda special wish list. These things were never planned to run on automatic and engines twice the size and have central locking and alarm system and a 150 liter gas tank and disc brakes on all 4 tires. It’s a project vehicle rather than just a normal car repair.
      Yes, damn right, there isn’t much wrong with it. Just the stuff that is wrong is really wrong … and holding us back.


  3. didn’t mean anything by the ummm Ford. except that maybe I’m not too big on ferds 🙂 nothing wrong with them…..they are just as good as any other car, depending on maintenance and stuff. Maybe you can shorten up repair time a little by getting disks on the front only for now. I know of some vehicles that were released for sale in 2005 that still had drum rears.

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    • Yeah, ours has discs on all 4 corners, as I wrote already. Originally it left the plant with only front discs, or maybe even drums all around. See, this is really a kinda Frankeinstein’s monstercar. Also featuring superflat racing tires, mag rims and the seats of a Ford Sapphire. One of the earler owners has covererd the front console in vinyl and put in a completely strange instrument panel and an overhead entertainment center with lots of light switches and a place for the hifi. Oh, and did you notice the 2 sunroofs? Did I mention a certain Frankenstein character already?



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