Two Onsens in One Report!

Ohayou gozaimasu, friends of civilized bathing rituals.

After being off-grid for nearly two weeks your reporter felt it was necessary to clean up herself. In fact she was so dirty one single onsen visit wasn’t quite enough today. Also you know she always thinks about delivering her blog with a bonus, a blog with benefits if you so will. So let’s not waste any more time and jump right in …

And “jump right in” was probably what the owners and admins of Kogami-kai onsen must have thought as well as they drop you right into a kinda private bathroom setting.
At least you’re allowed to take a shower under the waterfall first before dunking yourself in the hot tub. The clearly visible poseballs are totally outdated though, and not what one would expect to find in a public bath in the year 2017.
Fortunately I’m a very nifty photog and managed to keep this snapshot balls-free. 🙂
The tub is “natural” as well, but same as the poseballs it gives the appeal of early 2000s with its sharp edges
There is a small amount of anims available throughout the pool. Just enough to relax and meditate on more important stuffz.
The overabundance of steam from the hot spring gives an almost eerie feeling. An atmosphere that’s not helped by the parcel’s windlight setting.
The “main tub” is remarkably free of any attractions and rather bored me.

I left the kogami-kai onsen rather early and disappointed, and went to the next entry in SL’s Search function. Let’s see if hinomoto onsen is any better:

hinomoto onsen_001
Not as easy to find, it took me like 3 – 4 minutes before I finally stood in front of the hinomoto onsen. But the build made a very good impression on me in its timeless simplicity.
hinomoto onsen_002
The generously sized dressing area was also nice and helped building up a relaxed and traditional atmosphere.
hinomoto onsen_003
The soft-ish parcel windlight was unspectacular but suiting. Notice how it’s not casting any shadows to avoid all harshness?  Things like these are needed for immersion. A fukn octopus on the face is not!
hinomoto onsen_004
A sign like this belongs in each and every onsen! Particularly in environments overrun with gaijin, like the SL grid.
hinomoto onsen_008
Domo arigato for reading and complying with the few simple rules of an onsen. 🙂
hinomoto onsen_009
So, what we do? Yes, we clean ourselves before we go soaking! Thank you again.
hinomoto onsen_010
The hot pool is outdoors, which is for me the prefered way, as long as your onsen ain’t located in an urban setting.
hinomoto onsen_011
Oh my. The cliché waterthingamajingy doesn’t really help me getting into the zone of gokuraku. :/
hinomoto onsen_012
Here at hinomoto the absence of a lot of animes and silly toys doesn’t bother me at all. I just sit in the hot water and let all sorrows just wash over me and float away on a stream of consciousness.
hinomoto onsen_013
“Gokuraku, gokuraku!”
hinomoto onsen_014
Ugh, what’s that please? For some of the sit targets Hinomoto’s admins obviously couldn’t resist but putting silly poses in. 😮
hinomoto onsen_015
What’s this supposed to be? “Please sir, senpai san. May I respectfully ask that you only rape me if you feel it’s absolutely necessary?”

Ok, conclusion for today: Of the two onsens visited I clearly prefer hinomoto over kogami-kai. The whole thing is just classes better. From the building and setup via details like a good fitting windlight and amenities it’s the far more well-rounded offering. Ok, I gotta admit, kogami-kai gave the impression and made me almost feel as if I was intruding someones private property. It was not, as it was clearly listed as a public onsen in SL’s search. And because of that I have to say it’s one of the worserer onsens I’ve inspected so far.

Particularly in contrast to hinomoto, which isn’t even on the very top of my list but still classes above kogami.

Hm, maybe I’ll make a kinda chart of the onsen top hits soon. Let me explore and inspect some more onsens until I feel I’ve covered enough to present you with a good ranking.


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