My Linux Distro Rocks Harder Than Your Linux Distro! \o/

Philip just announced the good news.

It’s a good feeling not only to know, but to get it confirmed by the experts, that you chose the right Linux distro as your personal best choice. Orca is so proud and clever n shit. Listen, I’ve never heard of the Sourceforge Staff Pick before, and I have no clue about its importance, buuut … Sourceforge hosts the download files for millions (or thousands) of Open Source and GNU/Linux projects and is the biggest file host in the world. So if Sourceforge’s staff says your project is good we better believe them. They know what it’s all about. So I guess this is a rather big deal in Linux circles.

Read the full interview with Phil Müller here.

Hey, don’t get me wrong please. Just because I decided on Manjaro doesn’t mean you gotta mimic me. You’ll never be as cool as Orca anyway, hehe. =^.^= Manjaro is based on the inhumanely geekish ArchLinux, just made a wee bit easier for housewifes, but still kinda geeky and surely not beginners friendly. If you really wanna try it out, which I wholeheartedly recommend you to do after you have some months of experience in Linux, then please, go ahead. Looking forward to meeting you at the kool kidz party. 😉

But for first-timers my recommendation is still Linux Lite (if you are completely ignorant) or *Linux Mint (if you have lots of experience with Windows and know what you’re doing).  These are two very respected, robust and secure systems which are also n00bie friendly. Mint is even #1 on the DistroWatch ranking. You can’t go wrong with either of those.

* Esteemed Orcablog reader LadyJacqueline1234 just recently installed the Minty goodness on her own hardware. Go ask her what she thinks about the friendlyness and ease of use of Mint. And read her very very interesting blog!!! Jackie knows a heck of a lot more about everything than Orca can ever hope to know.


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