Yet Another MicroUltraSmall Desktop PC

You know Orca has a hard-on – or would have a hard-on if she could – for ultrasmall form factor PCs. Dunno why exactly. They aren’t made for mobile use, and you’d need a keyboard, mouse and monitor for such a thing to work. And why would you wanna save space in your own home? But I find them somehow cuddly and sweet, and their size allows me to have 2 of them directly on my workdesk, so shut up!

Your direct link to Azulle.

The Azulle Byte 3 runs on the Intel Apollo Lake architecture, which is quite powerful for what it is. And it’s cheap! 200 US$ is a word, ain’t it? And, now listen coz this is the mostest important: It runs Linux! Other procis of Intel’s low price, low power product line aren’t up to the trick and stuck you with Windows. 😦 Don’t get me wrong, the Azulle comes with Windows 10 outta the box, no fear. But you wanna kick that shit off your machine and install a nifty Linux instead!

Very conveniently you can order your very own personal Byte 3 from Amazon right now and have it in your hands tomorrow-ish like. No dealing with Chinese peeps from Shenzhen free trade zone and US customs trying to extort you. Just order and enjoy.

Here’s the video review:

Seen that? Lon even plays Minecraft and HalfLife2 on this shitty little puter! 😮

Come on, you’ve got a keyboard and a screen at home, right? Of course you do, else how are reading this? So for 200 bucks you get a brandnew machine to install and play with Linux on. That is something, no? And once you’re done with it, it’ll have a nice useful future as a media center in your lounge. Hey, did I mention that thing even comes with a remote control? For 200 smackeroos! You must be stupid not to buy one now. And one for your ma, your granny, your toddler, your hubby …

Here’s a crappy promo video. Kinda awkward shit:



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