Stop! Using! Duck! Duck! Go!

Ugh gaaaawd, what is it now? Isn’t Duck Duck Go the bestest alternative to Google Search anymore? The safest and most private and secure? See for yourself:

Indeed there are better alternatives to Duck Duck Go.

Okay, now what to do? Is the corporacrisy already that powerful and evil? Is there no way out? No way to escape their clamping down on us?

Of course there is. As long as at least some politically and technically aware activists are still free and not in jail, there always is a better way than the “official” one. And, hey, who made Google the boss of you, who said they are the standard? With GNU/Linux we’re starting, and succeeding, pushing the mighty Microsoft of its unearned throne, so there must certainly be another search alternative to Google’s censoring fascist shit as well. And indeed there is!

May I suggest you look up and install StartPage? In Firefox, Waterfox and Pale Moon (Orca’s browser of choice) you activate it simply from the Add-ons. It’s just a couple clicks and you’re in security heaven. Yes, but you won’t find it on the Add-ons thing but you go via their website … and add it from there. Dunno what kinda silly politics are behind this and I’m not nearly geeky enuff to know. But that’s the way it works. Go to the StartPage site and from there you can add it to your Add-ons.

Like so. Add to Firefox worx for PaleMoon as well. And don’t mind the Google logo, SP is just using the non-hurtful parts of Google’s search algorithm.

StartPage is the sister project of ixquick, so it won’t matter which of them you install. Main thing is that you switch to either of them and start de-googling your life! The almighty search enigma engine is a fantastic first step on your way to a more free and easy and private life.

Oh, btw, here’s Lee Camp’s video about that problem that goes by the name of Google.

Well, Ecosia … I’m no treehuger and I don’t wanna see ANY ads on my screen, no matter how well they are meant. And wasn’t there some talk about Ecosia and Microsoft? Hmmm, very suspect. I’d say let’s settle with startpage or ixquick for now, until they find the next conspiracy that drives us into the sheeple abattoir.

Or do as the really really kool kidz do and use Yandex! And let’s show them ‘murican nazis where they can stick their Google:

Guaranteed no CIA activities here! Maybe some *cough* KGB …




  1. While I think that an alternative is badly needed (even just for varieties sake), I do not think that something like Startpage or other Metacrawlers are enough.
    Granted we are not feeding the Google machine directly, can pull ourselves out of that post privacy swamp a little, but just to applaud ourselves? We are still not getting away from the Google needle, as we still fuel their revenue stream and succumb to their view of the world when using such services. With now Altavista finally put to sleep (not that there was much left living anyways) which Crawler is there left that maintains an own catalogue … Bing for sure … but after that?

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    • Bing comes with its own set of issues, no? Apart from being part of the Microsoft universe and probably not available in Linux. I don’t care who spies on me and I don’t mind much if Google or someone else is selling my valuable personal data. I’m not in the US, only buy what I need and wanna have, and I’m adblocking all over.


      • Sure it does 😉 Never denied that. No I was pointing a different way. While I do not mind the BND reading my datastream (it will be horribly boring anyways), I have a problem with Google monopolizing searches. It creates a “filter bubble” leaving people caught in the ‘view’ of one company. Facebook does just the same, as various other companies relying on human interaction. The goal is clear … to keep you in a comfortable known environment, so they can sell you tracked ads that you will click on, by disguising them as content. That is what just happened in USA … just follow the current newsfeeds on the Facebook (and others) hearings, concerning Russia taking influence on the elections through social media.
        And now it is tinfoil time. What if someone, say a president, is on such a war footing with media, that he uses pressure on said companies to remove media outlets, that are not to the liking of that president? Google wouldn’t do that? They did already. To do business in China they are enforcing the big firewall.
        In the UK, ISPs are forced by law to run censoring filters, which originally were planned to be used as opt out porn filters (you naughty brits!), have now been eyed at for the use of a regular censoring infrastructure.

        While everyone is worried about their privacy being invaded by some intelligence agency, which (in my eyes) is in most cases hypersensitivity (maybe not if you are a human rights activist in China), people freely float in their information bubbles not claiming freedom of information back, which I find the far more concerning thing going on.

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        • “While I do not mind the BND reading my datastream (it will be horribly boring anyways)…”

          Oh hey! Now wait a minute! If your datastream is boring is your own affair. It’s not for the BND to decide. They have no right to know!
          About BND: Did you know that their founder was a hysterical russophobe anticommunist with a nazi past? He was a highly disturbed personality and should’ve been locked away instead of having a powerful position in German secret service circles. But I guess it’s exactly those kinda aholes the American occupants were looking for. And still today the BND is heavy on surveillance of all left-leaning and democratic institutions and orgas and loves to cast a blind eye on the right side.

          PS: For all our American and British friends, BND stands for Bundesnachrichtendienst, federal intelligence service. Since forever these guys are causing more scandals and harm than they do good.


          • Sure … just like a lot of judges and other civil servants right after the just discarded their old party book and turned from brown to black. Just like it was in Austria 😉 And I am most likely under surveillance anyways, being a foreigner myself.
            Guess what fun it was to name our local WLAN “BND Surveillance Truck 2”?

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    • Butbutbut … I’m, not using TOR and a good VPN cost money, no? I just don’t see why it should be my responsibilty and why I must waste money and time on protecting myself from the corporacracy of a foreign nation.


  2. By this guys definition of a CIA partner, you could also say your ISP is one..or anywhere that stores and collects data that you agree to when agreeing to their TOS, facebook, hell Linden Labs for that matter…I guess you are a CIA partner if you collect data then sell and or share it in any way because the CIA can track it they become a “Partner”..the interwebs are funny.

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    • Hah! My ISP is sure as hell not a CIA partner. They usuallly crap on the internet as you make it in the US. They’re just selling me bandwith. What I do with that bandwith is not their concern. There are no blocks of whatever nature!


        • But I’ve gotta admit our bank did indeed send us a questonaire because they’ve got some contract with the USA and are monitoring international money flow. Well, on Monday we’re gonna cancel our non-residential account. Since we’ve got permanent residency we’ll apply for a residents’ account now. They aren’t monitored I guess.


  3. The bottom line at the end of the day the only fully encrypted untrackable data is the kind that isnt on the internet. Everything else is traceable and hackable and trackable. The only true anonymity that can be achieved is by unplugging our computers and throwing them out the window. My theory is this, use as much encryption as possible and just don’t do anything stupid to give them a reason to even want to track you and you are fine.

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    • I guess unplugging is enough. No need to throw my lovely computing machines outta the window. And the rest: We don’t use any cloud services, all our data is saved locally on external harddrives in a shelf right here in my study. And we won’t do any of that antisocial networking. Like ever! If anybody wants to talk to us, hey we’ve got a phone, landline and all official. When nobody’s picking up, it’s because we’re out and about, or we just don’t feel like. Too bad.

      I don’t do any encryption or anything that might put on additional strain on my computer and make it slower.

      If any agency is reading this I just have to say to them: BACK OF! STOP BUGGING ME YOU STUPID WANKING BUGGERS! I don’t have a bomb and I don’t have any intention of using it. And even if I had, it’s my business or not?

      I mean what are secrets there for if anybody knows about them? Takes the fun out of secrecy. And I know for a fact that all our gov’ments have much more shameful secrets they like to hide from us than we could ever have and hide from them. It’s not fair. All hail wikileaks!!!


  4. I started using iOS Firefox because users are purportedly able to add custom search engine e.g. or However, FireFox on my device, with iOS 11.1, never lets me save my custom search settings. I get the message “Failed Please fill all fields correctly”. I started using iOS Firefox because users are purportedly able to add custom search engine e.g. or However, FireFox on my device, with iOS 11.1, never lets me save my custom search settings. I get the message “Failed Please fill all fields correctly”. I️ wonder if anyone has had success with Firefox add custom search engine setting on iOS11.1? I wonder if anyone has had success with Firefox add custom search engine setting on iOS11.1?

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    • Hi Divad, asking me, a Linux user, if I have had any success with Firefox search engines on iOS?


      Anyhoo, did you notice that you posted each sentence in your post twice? 😮



      • Interesting! No, actually, I was struggling with this iOS 11.1, since updating it this week, the iPhone has been changing my text to odd symbols. Its embarrassing, but, was distracted by an wormy Apple.

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        • I know even less about telephones than about iOS in general, which is already next to nothing. For all my computerish stuffz I use komputahz, d’uh. Maybe that’s why I rarely run into problems. 🙂


    • Thx Oroskop…
      The theme is a freebie theme by WordPress. It’s one of their magazine layouts, which I wanted to have sinced I usually post several times each days. So Readers can see all my recent posts on one screen. I only modified it a little, as far as possible with the little tools we get. And I change it quite often, different background, different fonts …


    • Thx for finding my opinion “pleasant”, στην υγεια μας, for usually ppl are everything but pleasantly surprised by what I have to write about most stuff. Many even think I’m a commie, or at least heavily influenced, a Putin fangurl and a hindrance of technological progression.

      Guess what, feckers, you are completely right! Tee hee … 😉


  5. Early in the 90s, as a rank amateur and internet hobbyist, I beta-tested Netscape, in an online community that included many experts. At my big-corporation day-job, I saw Microsoft bundles replace my Lotus notes and Word Perfect, the MS strategy to overcome Netscape. I watched G ascend over numerous search engines. The net was a new dimension to the lay, and an exciting free platform for all; library of the world, at the fingertips on keys, magic sent through nodes, by baud. It needed private enterprise to hasten its fruit to market. But, it was not intended to be monopolized, such that a few would arrogate its entry to themselves and become excessive billionaires, strong enough to drive uni-think by its users. There have been and are, alternatives to G – GO! young people, rescue us.

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    • More than a year has passed since the original article, Robin but it’s still valid, even more important than ever before. Google is openly evil now and we must find new ways to hide from their data kraken.
      Thx for reblogging btw. 😉


    • I guess there are some other FF forks who also are about privacy and security n stuff but I guess WF is the most famous among them. And it’s not like I don’t trust the Mozilla foundation anymore but they are doing some questionable stuff to the FF browser, so it’s time fror everybody to look for alternatives.


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