Are You a Traitor?

LOL! You know I’d never be angry with my readers, so relax. But logging into SL with your smartyphone … don’t you think that’s a bit obsessive? A slap in the face for all us brave PC/Mac users who play SL like it’s supposed to be?

Ya, you’re a fukn traitor on avatarhood! Feeling too superior to mingle with all us dirty resis in the fukn mismanaged pixel world, are you? Sending text messages from way up above, like god’s voice or sumfin …

Anyhoo, the always so clever Daniel Voyager just posted a list of phone clients for SL. Android (YAY Linux!) and iPhone (boo!). Yes. Can you believe it? There isn’t one but a whole bunch of mobile apps available for SL. 😮

Here, look:

It’s not Daniel’s fault. He’s not to blame for that shit. Let’s not kill the messenger. Daniel’s private address is … 🙂
Look at that stupid bish, phoning her text in. Look at her! 😦

Ok, done my duty, got y’all informed n stuff. And now let’s forget Daniel ever posted it in the first place and Orca relayed the useless newness, and let’s just act as if it never happened, ok?



    • Sorry, can’t check it out, Daniel. I’ve got no useless tablet and our cellphone is spending its time hidden somewhere deep in some drawer. We only use it once or twice a year, when we’re travelling. I won’t burden myself down with that shit when I’m out and about, running errands and doing the groceries. Time for SL is when I’m sitting at home, on my workdesk, as I’m doing now. And here I’ve got three desktop computers sitting right on my desk and a laptop in my purse.

      So I reblogged your info on the mobile thingamajings only because I got the link to your article sent by ZZ. Didn’t know she was so late relaying your posts.

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