Drain Obama Swamp, Replace with Trump Swamp

Only 50%? I’ve expected better, more hardcore.

So much for draining the swamp as you promised, Mr. President.

Thinking about this newness, I remember today’s SMBC cartoon:

Yeah, maybe my American friends should think about getting out. Quickly before Canada becomes fed up and the southern route gets walled off. I wouldn’t flee to the EU, they are on the same self-destructive path as the US. If you’ve got enough money to purchase a flight ticket may I recommend South Africa as a nice exile? Almost no police, laws nobody cares about, super cheap food, good weather, many hippies. Paradise for refugees. 🙂



  1. Run to where? There is not one country not infected with Global controlled bullshit, the only real option is build a boat and call it your own country and sail in international waters, moving won’t save you from anything, maybe delay it a bit depending on where to, there is no difference between the US and Canada due to NAFTA, CAFTA etc

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