Channel 69 :)


Good morning, you fresh peepels. I hope your night was as lovely and dreamy as mine. Oh, how lovely it feels to sleep through yet another LCC Sunday Cruise, particularly after telling Kitten earlier in the day that you’re gonna attend this time. Like 100% sure about it n stuff …


Anyhoo, back to business. I got a new job! TV reporter with ZZ Bottom’s channel 69 News Live.


And I do indeed look very professional as I drive down the vehicle test range, do I?


The first assignment she sent me to was just a general test of our new broadcast van. As you can see it’s painted in a lovely pinkish hue and has all the technical gimmicks a girl needs for a live broadcast from pretty much everywhere on the grid.


All those computer-ish things, mixing boards and editing stuff. Also a camera and tripod. Got anything to report? Oh, I’m so ready to cover your story. Live and in vibrant colours!


Ok, we gotta admit, my new boss, the lovely and talented ZZ (Foneco Zuzu), bought the van from a second hand store. Some rusty specks are visible here and there but overall it’s in perfect condition and up to every TV broadcasting job. A fukn mobile studio!


Some informer told me there was a gas station on fire somewhere on Jeogeot continent but the tip was several years old and the desaster area was nowhere to be found. At least I found a brand new gas station to fill up on the good juice … and sandwiches and Mars bars.


With the permanently erected satellite dish you gotta be careful under low bridges and in tunnels too. Dunno why and how it got stuck in that position. :/


Otoh it’s quite practical, so I can broadcast my material while I’m en route to the next assignment.


My job demands me to drive in the big Bay City. But it’s not a problem. The van behaves very nicely on the narrow roads of the  great megalopolis of Bay City.


On the main boulevard it becomes apparent tho, that ZZ should have paid a bit more for a stronger engine. The van is very slow and can hardly keep up with the traffic flow.


Finally I reach the Bay City Municipal Airport, where Bay City’s pint sized, childish mayor Mari McCann, is supposed to return after a short stint to LL’s headquarters. But after at least three hours of waiting, and no mayor in sight, I give up and TP back home. I guess this van will be a lovely addition on the parking deck of my own media headquarters at Thar She Blows! blog office. If I ever get that thing done. :/


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