RL Sailing – Volvo Ocean Race and European Star Championship

A full week in RL.

First leg in VOR (Alicante-Spain to Lisbon) is finishing now.
In the start a mess involvingDongFeng, Brunel and Mapfre led to penalties to the last two. DongFeng was at lee, Brunel tried to give room but found Mapfre and returned, forcing DongFeng to avoid colision. Mapfre was punished for not giving room to Brunel. Below the video of the occurrence and penalties.

Vestas won this leg. Remember last VOR? I wish no other island or buoy cross the route of the guys this time 😛

Now Star Championship.

A good start of my hero, Lars Grael, in 4th so far. His brother, Torben is leading the championship, and Bruno Prada, another Brazilian is in 2nd place as crew

Go Lars!

(Why Lars is my hero):

((I wish this works now – there is the same video in youtube, but without English subtitles))


    • Found it in BBC, not embedable: http://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/36924777

      But in this is the history when he lost a leg in a stupid accident in 1998, when he had already 3 olympic medals (a drunk guy in a motor boat hit his boat in an regatta). How, after that, he started a sailing center for the poorest, with some of the kids that are attended in his foundation.

      Now he is back in racing, being 2015 world champion, this year vice-champion, and now he is in Europe.

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      • \o/ YAY! \o/ I guess it would work now. Now there’s only one problem since the BBC wants me to install Flash player. :/ Hmm, those fucks, don’t they know how bad that fukn format is?


          • Super. That’s a nice video, as the one guy comes as close to explaining sailing as it gets. The true fascination is its directness, as every action by you has consequences. Learning that gives you a completely different, much truer, perspective on life and your position in life on this planet. Sailing teaches you respect for the power of nature and the environment.

            That’s also the main difference between powerboaters and sailors: You never see sailors throwing garbage into the ocean!


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