I Love Linux! xxoxo

Among other things because of that:


Complete system update with one simple command in Terminal. Looks kinda cryptic and über geeky, right? Yes, it is. You think I have any idea what’s going on in the terminal at that time? Noo, nhn. Not me. For I’m just a fukn housewife and know just enough about that shit to figure my computer is downloading and installing shit. That’s not unlike Microsoft’s updates.

Computer Upgrades - CareWare Computer RepairCareWare Computer Repair

Buuut! Contrary to a Windows user I’m not getting kicked out of online games when MS thinks it’s time for an update. No, sir, I get a subtle hint and then I decide for myself when and if I wanna go thru the procedure. And the best thing is, I can just go on doing what I did before I started the update. Depending on individual connection speed YouTube vids might start to buffer or so. And I woudn’t do it while logged into SL. But apart from that it’s a fairly smooth process. I often forgot an update was running in the background and only noticed hours later that the Terminal window was still open and showing: Your system is up to date!

sticky comics | An Update is Available for Your Computer

Oh, I know, I know: You still find it too geeky, right? Well, in that case nobody’s forced to go the Terminal way and memorize countless commands and queries. For all that stuff there are  also graphical solutions in place. So you can just click your way through an update. Can’t be easier. Really not.

Pics Photos - Linux And Computer Comics

So guys, you see you don’t need to be a geek or, like, super talented or even intelligent. Look at your local dummy, let’s call her Orca. She’s doing great and prospers on Linux as she never did on Windws or Mac.

The Ultimate In Mac-PC Parody - DailyApps

Maybe I need to say it again. Peoples, get a cheapo old laptop or desktop PC, format the hard drive at least three times in order to eliminate even the littlest rest of former operation systems and then … install Linux! It’s easypeasy and fun and it goes quick. And then welcome a new phase of your computing life and … be awesome!

Look at Orca and how happy she is with her Linux setup:



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