The Hard Fact, the Real Reason

Now we know why Mr. Shuttleworth went away from Ubuntu’s inhouse Unity desktop environment and switched Ubuntu’s main desktop to the even worserer Gnome. It is exactly the reason we thought it was. It touches the future of his company Canonical.

Here, let me show you:

A fukn IPO! We knew it, didn’t we?

So, big business is the reason. Just to explain for even the most sceptic doubters out there in Orcablog reader land: Going public paid out quite nicely for some players in the Linux business. And for that they (Red Hat) needed something with the easy peasy, eye-pleasing and modern mainstream appeal like Gnome. And Canonical will do the same. (It’s still not a very good desktop anyway.)

2.6 billion dollars!!! That is some serious dough, is it not?

Well, that is business. That is their business. Not ours. So just be ensured, some Linux geeks are not living in mom’s basement but they fukn own the building! Far as I know Microsoft owns Red Hat, and Mark Shuttleworth was a multimillionaire before he started Canonical. So no worries about them. Let’s think about us. Do we soon have to pay for our Linuxes? Do we need to sign licence contracts and type in our secret code n stuffz?

NO! Simply no.

Not even the high and mighty huge corporations can force you to pay shit for anything Linux, not even for their own systems. There is a reason why Linux’s full name is GNU/Linux. It would go too far for this article to dip into the deeper meaning but generally GNU is an open licensing system that makes sure your Linux will always stay free and open source software. Nobody touch that!

Red Hat Linux is and was always free to download and install. So is SuSE. At least their free branches Fedora, respectively openSUSE. And so will it be with Ubuntu. In Canonical’s case the alternative desktops, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE won’t even be touched by their mothership’s shenanigans.

It’s just their professional users that will continue to pay for support, training and teaching and SysAdmin Certification. Same as always. Nothing we housewifes would ever need or do, right?

So, to make it unmistakingly clear for everybody: For you and me nothing will change. Not a single thing! We don’t even use vanilla Ubuntu or vanilla Red Hat Linux if we can help it. Because those operating systems are crappola! There, I said it.

Even if you are one of the million sheeples on Ubuntu, and even if you are willing to go with them and make the move to Gnome – admittedly it looks great and is pretty modern and squeaky clean like your smartphone’s display – nothing will change for you. Ubuntu will always have the biggest community in the Linux world and you’ll always find a very helpful forum or Wiki to get you out of problems.

For the rest of us, for all us Mint, openSUSE, Manjaro, Debian, Antergos, Solus, Zorin and Elementary users, all will stay exactly as it always was. Countless devs will work on making them better, many volunteers will add code and software and help and manic street preaching *cough*. We know where to find help and we know we’re having the much better systems anyway. With or without Canonical and Red Hat: We are free, we are young, we are sexy, we are housewifes! \o/

PS: Once you’ve found your bestest Linux, once you’ve found an environment you feel homely in, the one to end your distro hopping days, the one to grow old with, I guess there is no dev opposed to accepting the one or other donation. Quite contrary, you’ll find the banking details and payment options on most of their websites. We all need some dough to pay the rent and food or just to keep the servers running. Orca, who’s in the lucky position of having found her “personal” Linux distro will soon send something over to Manjaro, so the boys can go out and have an ice cream. And so may you. But it’s okay if you don’t. More than okay. Because you add to the numbers, you become a true Linux user. And that is what really counts!


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