Germany’s Sending Out Mixed Messages

Is that maybe politically motivated?

Well, taking into consideration Orca’s mistrust of everything American, paired with her hatred of wearing costumes (or any clothes at all) it’s understandable you’ll find her in the group of the second message.




  1. Blame it on the boom of cooking shows here in Germany, who made the pumpkin (especially Hokkaido) hip as food again. Especially during this time of the year, you will not find a single cooking show, that now excessively celebrates the pumpkin 😉

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  2. Thx girls for the helpful replies. Silky, I knew there must be a reason why we’re not dwelling in that country anymore … and why we gave away our television. 😉

    I can’t say anything about Starbucks tho. I know they are now in Germany as well but since I don’t drink coffee or any super lattes I chose to ignore their existence. Fortunately I’ve not seen any Starfucks around here at the cape. We’ve got Mickey D’s and the colonel and Whimpies, that’s quite enough of American invasion. Hard Rock Café went bankrupt and gave up and Planet Hollywood was bombed out of existence. Meanwhile we’ve got lots of our homegrown chain eateries, another of those American trends in business.


  3. Yes they are, for quite a while. And of course they are riding the pumpkin as well, but they are just joining in the general Halloween chorus of retail in general, who are trying hard to establish Halloween as a new fixed point in the calendar (and slowly succeeding to do so). I wouldn’t say they have not that much influence here, to significantly change the behavior (they fit in like a glove though), but the trend is clear.

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