I Never Trusted Canonical

And here in this public anouncement Mark Shuttleworth reveals the real reason why Canonical dropped Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment and replaced it with the unbelievably stupid Gnome shell instead. So I guess you just went out of the frying pan directly into the fire.

Right, it was no surprise.

Yes, Shuttleworth’s decison was as commercially sound as it was hurtful for the GNU/Linux movement. I dunno why he waited so long before he came up with an explainification but for most Linux users it was already clear since months. In fact, these things do happen when you trust in commercial enterprises to do the right thing or at least act in your best interest.

Anyway, read the article, or let it be. If you dabbled with Linux in the past there is nothing newsworthy to learn for you. Canonical sold out to some investors and therefor got rid of the hateful Unity desktop. \o/ YAY! \o/ Only to replace it with the reprimandable Gnome. Oh noes. 😦

Like in Windows, I’d so kick my own ass very hard had I invested my time and knowledge and my geekyness into any Ubuntu system. People, there a method to Orca’s madness, there is a reason why I always told you to install Mint or Linux Lite as your first system but stay clear of Ubuntu’s mothership.

Ubuntu Desktop Free Download


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