Hey y’all!

Just received e-mail from Armano Xaris and thought I cannot keep this a secret from you. So here we go:

ArmanoXaris in the digital Volvo Ocean Race


Hi Orca,

I hope life is ok there for you.
I tried the game that was launched with the Volvo Ocean Race
called Virtual Regatta Offshore. Fairly simple one dimensional
game this is. I found it interresting, but its not what sailing in second life was for me in past. So i’m not that fanatic with it also.
Currently sailing along with arround 64000+ boats arround place 15500. 
You might like to try it yourself. Maybe even inform the readers of your blog about it.

Someone who might want to check how bad i do can search the username ArmanoXaris in the app.

Have a nice day!
Grrr. LOL, Armo should know by now that I’m not sailing in SL no more, and that, even back when  I still did, never showed interest in any other simulations, virtualizations or online sailing games.
Armano at a TrYC M-24 race in ancient times.

But It was very nice of him to think off the good old Orca, and send her some interesting info for my readers to make use of. I really wish for these things to happen more often. So, my pixelated friends, take an example in Armano’s behaviour. He’s a model citizen for SL and a posterboy for Thar She Blows’s readership.



  1. I’m playing VR in Volvo Ocean Race too, and make mine Armo words. In the game you just tell the direction, and game does the rest. Oh, you can choose sail too, but for that direction, game tells you the speed each one gives, so no secret here.

    I was at first varying between 10,000th and 20,000th place, until last night (mon-tue) when I went to bed and boat stayed alone for 8 hours. Bad dir choose, at morning I was in 32,000th place. Now, after 24 hours, I advanced to 29,000th.

    This was take in one of my best moments:

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  2. Hi Lucy. Nice. I will follow you. I went up to arround 9.500 now. Managed to get up a bit more to the north of the course. So i seem to have a good half wind approach to next waypoint now we get more wind. Figure out how the weather report works if you did not do allready. I found this helpfull in this test leg for me…

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  3. It looks like the games my work colleagues play on their phones on soccer.
    Tks but no tks. If i wanted to be playng a game i would be still playing Bethesda titles or BF1942 or MTW or IL2 or…. a few more games i used to play for long before Sl arrived in my life.

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    • Mhm, I’m not a fan of all that stuff neither, Foneco. particularly a sailing game that involves nothing but some basic navigation. 😦


  4. Its a relatively simple game yes. Fun enough to participate in for me for a while i follow the Volvo Ocean race.
    Its more a one dimensional navigation challenge then a sailing simulation.

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    • Oh, that would be nice. I never heard about Armchair anymore after he left SL. I wonder if he’s still active in professional RL yacht racing.


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