Either … Or

This is a new quality of treatment of your own citizens. 😮

Listen, we’re very sorry you lost everything in the flood and we’d like to help you (as is our duty anyway), but first you have to swear to support Israel’s continuing genocide of the Palenstinans. It’d be great if you could do that. Then we’ll help you out of your misery. If you won’t comply … sorry again, you can go and die.



    • Had you followed the linkage as provided by me, you’d known it was from The Independent. That’s a UK publication far as I know, and your closest ally.
      Oh, and apparently they got the news from the American Civil Liberties Union. I don’t think they are hiding commies under their beds neither.


    • Yikes! 😮 WTF happen to you???

      Was so fukn worried about you! Such a long time without any comment from Maiti … it’s frightening. Don’t do that again. Like ever! Ok, from now on we expect a daily status report! Jeezus, you’re really not to be trusted, are you?


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