This is Gonna be Hard, Probably Hurtful.

Yes, a very uncomfortable topic to discuss, although of profound importance. I keep the following excerpt of a socio-political blog story and the link to the full version with me for quite some time now. And every day I feel a kinda urge to finally reblog it on Thar She Blows! But seeing it might be a bit – or a lot of – a controversial topic, and being a coward who doesn’t want to lose any friends and readers over this, I shyed away from publishing this one. But today is Sunday, I hope you’re all in a fairly mellow mood, just as I am, and can maybe stomach this onslaught on your deepest set of believes. So … okay,  let’s get to it:

If you are reading political blogs you’ve probably heard about A Bird’s Eye View of the Vineyard, and its blogger commonly known as the Saker. Maybe you’ve even subscribed to his blog, maybe you’re planning to assassinate that guy. Fact is, Saker’s blog has stirrred up quite some shit since its beginnings and even brought up some branches in other countries as well. Those are localized blogs by Saker’s fanbois. He’s also often invited to attend other podcasts and shows. So we’re not talking about a crazy loner shouting into empty rooms but a kinda pop phenomenon on the international blogging  scene.


So with that knowledge dispersed onto you, dear readers, let’s get right into an article in Saker’s blog I found immensely interesting and that spoke to me on a personal level. Here’s the opener:

The article is much longer, read at your own peril. 🙂

He starts with a quite longwinded explanation of how the Germans in 1933-1945 weren’t more evil than people of other nations. Yes, it sounds bad when I put it in such short words, but his explanation is a bit too academic for my simple taste. Anyway, if you keep on reading the Saker will make some strong points about where America is going wrong on its current course. And hey, it’s easy to dismiss him as a Russian agent; after all he was born in the USSR (BS, he was born in Switzerland, his grandparents were white emegrés), and he studied in the US), but is a US citizen and worked with the CIA (BS again, he worked for the UN, and Red Cross as military analyst). But because of his political views he can’t find a job in America anymore and resorted to full-time blogging afaik.

Details about Saker. 50.000 page views/day. Pff, small fry can’t compare to Thar She Blows!

As I said, I don’t wanna disturb anyone’s Sunday peace and I don’t wanna stir the shit and … ugh, you know I’m a romantic lefty wannabe revolutionary, no need to hide it. Let’s be fair and straightforward here: I want you all to read the Saker’s article, if possible with an open mind, and form an opinion about it.

I – and approximately 50.000 of Saker’s readers – think he makes some very strong and valid arguments in this article. I too think the USA’s self-imposed image of the world-leading nation should be ended, and the American empire should end as well.

If you want you’re more than welcome to comment here and shout at Orca or cuddle her to death. None of us is in any position to change the current political landscape, so all you or Orca will say is basically pointless, since there will be no consequences. So let’s just have an open and friendly discussion, ok?

Awaiting your expert analysis, yours truly




  1. I have kind of a different view on the world. I see all political landscapes as a means of population control. Nobody wins a war, they are orchestrated in order to boost profits by the world bank. Nazi Germany was an experiment that isn’t over. What they learned is that the world will not accept it in one big swallow, so all they did is move the base from Germany to the United States and all the doctrines that go with it are being introduced a bit at a time to each generation so nobody notices much. Americans foolishly believe that if someone is born in AMerica, then they are in fact Americans in the broader sense, when in fact they are not. No government loves freedom, freedom is dangerous. So what they have done is breed “New” Americans that look and sound American but their ideology is far from it. These are the people in office now, and the heads of corporations as well. It is all about profit and control. “What we have here is a New World Order”, these days you get small spoonfuls…but at the end of the day we are all going to be forced to drink the entire bottle of medicine, whether it is good for us or not.

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  2. I won’t even get into the whole Zionist plot or suddenly I would be anti-semetic. For the record Germany was hit with a typhus epedimic during WW2 that killed millions which made for some intersting phot ops and propaganda…just saying.

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    • Jackie, while I generally agree with you, I guess you’re wearing your tinfoil hat.
      I don’t think there is one evil masterplan behind all this. Corporations are just doing as corporations do, humans are easy prey for propaganda, politcians of all colours are sociopaths. In that regard Putin ain’t any better than Clinton or Trump. He just happens to fight for the right side. It’s just how the world is. It was like that ever since the first apes left their trees. Our job is just to go through life with a set of open eyes and open our mouth whenever we see something bad or evil going on. What else can we do? Like really do?
      I’m more of a sociophobe than a sociopath, so despite my strong political convictions I don’t have the mindset to become a politician. All I can do is living beside western society instead of in it.


      • Funny. I don’t know if it is cognitive dissonance or what but whenever anyone mentions the global agenda someone is wearing a tinfoil hat although globalization is obvious and in fact happening all around us. You mention the empire yourself and now I’m wearing a tin foil hat. President Kennedy warned that the US Government wasnt even in control and that a shadow government runs this place, he was shot and killed 6 days after that speech. The words NEW WORLD ORDER have been spoken about in speaches by world leaders for the past 30 years. I’m not sure how or why anyone who seeks truth is suddenly a tin foil hat wearer. I personally find people who vote to be wearing the hats as if politicians actually have power and someone actually counts the votes? I hate to break it to you , the next 3-4 election television “polls” are already at CNN’s newsroom for them to flash all shiny for the people at the appropriate time with the other networks.

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        • This may all be true, I even think it is absoutely true, Jackie. But what I fail to see is a big plan behind these unfortunate developments, an orchestrated movement. Heck, most of the “players” are much too selfish and sociopathic to ever think about joining such an organisation. These people are no joiners, they are leaders and would never compromise their own corporation by falling in sync with other corporations. They are no choir boys. No, I guess they all are making use of the recent socio-political mood in the west … for their own gain.


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