Everybody Happy Now?

As a GNU/Linux streetworker, trying to lure people into the wonderful world of free and open source operating systems, you know most people’s most favourite excuse for why they can’t switch to Linux:

“I need my Excel tables, my .doc files. And Linux is not 100% compatible with Microsoft Office”

Well, let me tell you, a free and open source office suite like LibreOffice is like 99.9% compatible and can read and write in all possible Windows formats. Not just MS Office but much more stuff. Anyhoo, the clever developers of my favourite ArchLinux distro, Manjaro, even went a step further:

For the truly hardcore MS-afficionados.

No, really. These guys aim to please even the mostest stupidest users on the planet. See this:

It’s in the Manjaro forums, so it’s true. 😮

In the true spirit of sharing and taking care of stupid, Phil even stated their solution’s gonna work on any and all Linux distributions. Well, guess what, the usually fair and nice Orcsi opposes this move. Why does Linux has to bend its knee to please the most closed and unforthcoming capitalist racketeering system and it’s halfways enslaved users? Don’t we have enough confidence in our own strength, can’t Linux not stand on its own without making useless concessions towards lesser operating systems?

Whoever still thinks they must use MS’s proprietary file formats, whoever is of such inflexibe mind, doesn’t deserve to have Linux projects started just for their pleasure.

GNU/Linux guys, where is your confidence, where is you self-assuredness? Isn’t Linux the better system? Aren’t we working towards making MS office obsolete? Don’t you know that Bill Gates is laughing all the way to the bank when he sees that dozens or hundreds of Linux devs are working for free on a project to protect MS Office from impending doom?

Guys, are you stupid or what? Come on guys, we’re better than that. And indeed they already received some flak in their own forum:

The good c00ter is right, you know.

So far my Linuxy newness for today.

Laterz xooxoxoxo



  1. I actually prefer Libre Office to Microsoft Office personally. There are alot of ways that Microsoft is evil BUT and I say this a bit tongue in cheek although it is absolutely a fact. Did you know Microsoft—is the fifth largest code contributor?

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