Orca’s Sunday: Yet Another Useless Premium Gift

Who o why can’t LL see how bad the idea of their Premium Gifts is? It already starts with the name, Premium Gift. While it’s true that it is a gift for Premium customers  – meaning for premium class residents – , the quality of those gifts is everything but. In fact the quality of those gifts very rarely lifts them above the status of curios and novelty items. Listen fuckers, there is so much unused landmass available on the grid, what I’d do as a Premium gift that everybody loves, is giving out another 512 m² of free land to all Premium members. Won’t cost you a dime and bring life back onto the grid. Good idea? Yes, methinks so too.

But why am I writing about those insignificant gifts at all? Oh, yes, there was something … after quite a looong time we finally just got another one of those useless gimmicks.

Glytch? Oh yes, we remember now: The new game by LL for residents who have nothing better to do than wasting their precious online time playing games.
So off to the premium sandbox I swooshed on my trusty Honda scooter …
… and unpacked my new and exclusive avatar from its exclusive box …
… and 30 seconds later I was like totally fuglyfied. Hey, that’s not the lovely and sexy Orca! 😮 Had to sit down to stomach that shock and my bitter disappointment. 😦
Then I noticed the lovely Trap was online but – as usual – didn’t react to my IM. So I TPd to Triumphal and found her in her skybox. Of course she was incommunicado, probably busy offline and forgot that she had an avie logged in world. Bored out of my skull I IMed my good old friend Tasha, the most misunderstood woman in SL.
Tasha was very proud – and rightfully so – to present her new boifriend, the super hot CyberWymn Graycloud. WOW, what a stunner! Needless to mention that both of them have embraced mesh and bento by now. Hummm, makes one think. Have I given Trap the money back prematurely? Although I know exactly it will take me at least another year before I get my shit together and finally slip into a new body.
After lusting over Cyber for a while Tasha TPed us down to TYC to show me the shrunken yacht club. Club house and the red shack are still there, so everything is still in order. What else does a yacht club need?
The not only heart attackingly amazing Cyber is also a very nice and outgoing girl, and she gave me a Trump plushie to shake and cuddle with. \o/ YAY! \o/ Dunno what those Americans have against that guy, a whole new sub-culture and industry was created around his character as he provides them with full-time entertainment around the clock. That tremendously furious puppet will get an honourable place, a new home, hidden deep down in the forgotten dephts of my inventory. Or, quite possibly, it will get flushed out with the trash. Or … hm, let’s spread the love and let me serve as a multiplicator of Plush Trumps. Comment to this post with your real SL name and I’ll send you your own raging Trump when I log in the next time.




  1. I think LL is afraid to break their inane premium gift string. It been going on twelve years that I know about. Have to admire their consistency. Being stupid that long takes effort. They have lots of practice.

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