About Being Social

Happy Easter, my lovely bunnies! 🙂

As you know Orca claimed quite often that she hates all those social networks and you’d never catch her alive on facebook, Google hangouts, Whatsapp or whatever all those other things are called. Having a blog is kinda the maximum of her internetty involvement with other people. And that is a Second Life and a kinda technical GNU/Linux blog first and foremost. So even that blog is kinda restricted to certain topics and mostly won’t touch on her private life … other than the glamorous parts of course. 😉

So with that perceived mindset, why then did that bishie introduce those many social functions into her blog? Here, lemme show you what I’m talking about …


See all this shit? You can disperse this blog via facebook, Google and other networks, and you might reblog entries in you own blog or just leave a *Like. That’s quite something, eh? A hater of social stuff begging for Likes. Meaningless Likes. And it gets even worse; further dow inn the comment section of her blog she gives out likes for reader comments, just nilly willy and gives y’all the option to *Like fellow readers’s comments as well.

Why? Does it change anything, does it have any effect on the blog or on the comments at all? Nope. At least not immediately. Those random ‘Likes are not a fine enough instrument to base any decisons on, and even if: You know Orca ain’t one to give a fuck about the public opinion and won’t change a thing to her blog. She doesn’t give a fuk about your opinon but would love to hear it nevertheless. That’s why I think the commentary section the most dearest thing about Thar She Blows! Because it indeed gives us (us as in writers and readers) a feeling of community and, more important … let’s not forget about the play factor. Interactivity with technical stuff, leaving your mark, blaring out your opinion, is fun! And the very simple activity of clicking at the *Like button is indeed the easiest way to agree or disagree with anything written in this blog.

Stupidly enough WordPress doesn’t give us the opportunity do thumb down any articles. So I guess the best way to show your dislike or your indifference is to not give a *Like. So in reverse conclusion if you like what you see, or were at least not bothered by it you should give out those *Likes. Not like you give out free candy from your van but well measured, and only if you think something in Thar She Blows! wasn’t, like, total crappola.

Arrrgs, did this come across like e-begging for upvotes? Well, fuk it, maybe it is. But for different, totally legit reasons. So if you’ve taken the time, those precious seconds out of your life, to indulge in this bloggy, Is it asked too much to leave a little *Like once you’re done? It’s just a single click.

And if this blog has managed to piss you off, is it so hard to leave a little written comment and tell Orca how much she and her blog suck? Like this infamous sailing comunity leader did for illustrating purposes:

I left her name out, to protect her integrity. And I used one of the more civilized comments as well.

You know you can always stay an anonymous, no problem. I have no ways or tools, or interest, in finding out your real name and where you live. Tee hee. You know what I’d do if I knew all your particulars, do you? Yes, exactly: I will find you. And I will come to you. And at night I’d break into your house and smash all your china. Then I’d very carefully pick up the pieces and glue them back together. I’d do it with painstaking attention to detail and go through great lenghts to make the seams as perfect as possible. Well, almost. There will always be that 0.0001% uncanny valley, hardly noticeable. And then I’d leave. And you would never know about any of this. But every time you serve tea in your house you’d feel something is slightly off and you’d feel creeped out. You don’t know exactly but your gut will tell you that something is different and you’ll spend the rest of your days with that uneasy feeling creeping up your spine.

Hehe, that’s my diabolical plan. So better start giving me those *Likes. And also those negative feedback. 🙂


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