2017 Burn2: Radical Ritual


Hello my wonderful children. 🙂

Maybe you know my personal thoughts about the Burning Man Festival in RL. Well, in SL it’s a bit different because everything in SL is kinda pretentious and makebelief and ersatz and compensation. So we’re forgiven for joining one more nonsense festival, aren’t we?


So, I hurried to the Burn2 sims as soon as I woke up this morning and found out there was only one more hour time for members of the press to browse around the setup in peace and quiet. So, after some minimal preparations (put on fancy desert hair + goggles and purchase a new pair of DocMarten’s 8-holes) I was off to the Burn2 sims. Let’s see how it was:


Yes, this all reminds one of the many photos we’ve seen in magazines and on the net about the real life Burning Man. The Germans among us might become nostalgic about the Abenteuerspielplatz things of the early 70s, where you could just go, get a hammer and nails and a saw and enough wood to construct weird buildings.


Well, most of the builds we’ve seen in RL and SL Burning Man are a bit – or actually a lot – more sophisticated but then they weren’t nailed together in an adhoc fashion by 7-9 year olds either. 🙂 To be honest, for my taste it all looks a bit too organized, too serious … too adult.


No idea what they are planning to do there but Nipple Frost sounds intriguing. 😉


This major build is the infamous Temple I guess. And it’s exactly the reason why I don’t like the RL festival much. It’s trying too hard to get some sense and reflection into a fun festival. Nothing against spontanious meditation and prayer meetings but a organized place for remembering your passed loved ones? No, that again reeks like yuppies at work.


I maintain my stance and my opinion that Burning Man iRL is just some overground wannabe hippies with money, “playing” wildlings. You can see in the fashion of the girls, hear it in the music, notice it in the atmosphere. Those aren’t real postapocalyptic desert dwellers and no hippies, they are tourists for a week, revisiting the Woodstock feeling. They are trying to recreate a Mad Max lifestyle (the movies, not the real thing). They are trying too hard and they are failing.


Hah! What I first thought to be a disco for dancing hands …


… turned out to be Ancestral Reunion, another nonsense place where you can get in touch with the spirits of your parents and grandparents. May I ask why? Really, why would I get in touch with my gramps? He was already an old man (born in 1898) when I was born (1966) and we never had much to say to each other, living in completely different universes.


I caught this driverless vehicle and let it drive me around a – much too – short route.


Fortunately you can grab your own Art Car at the DMV and ride around all the playa sims. Oh, DMV. 🙂


Don’t ask me how they brought such amounts of giant ice cubes to the playa but this is a nice place to cool down after a long hot day dancing to techno beats in the desert sun.


Typically America? A christian dance club? And it looks like it’s in an Arab building. Very weird. 😮


I guess this setup has no deeper meaning, I just loved the lighting and atmo of the place.


Even after flying up a bit I wasn’t able to locate the main attraction, the one and only Burning Man. Where is that fucker?


Found another man tho. Somebody made a memorial for the late great David Bowie.


Oh is it there? Is this the legendary Man? With a roof above his head? Hmm, I’d imagined him a lot bigger than this. But looks like a nice build.


The main stage should be big enough to host audiences to crash SL into oblivion!!! 😮


I enjoyed this display of gigantic animated toy robots.



One hint for virgin burners: Don’t just willy nilly burn any random virgins! Jeez. 😮 Don’t do it, but in order to get around the place, maybe get a wearable vehicle. I used my trusted Honda moped to get from one end of the playa to the other.


This is also one of those overdone things. In order for you to commemorate the 10 priciples of Burning Man you can attend the Burning Man University before entering the festival area. Is that stupid or wot?


This is the landing point. Very well organized blinkenlights in the floor will show you which way you must go. Fuk man, I never before felt so motivated to just walk in the other direction.


Don’t forget Burn2 2017 officially starts today at 10 A.M or P.M. SLT.





      • I found a movie on YouTube about burning man (the RL); it is an intriguing festival, but it does border on the esoteric and it seems from your article that the SL does too.
        Since this is a repeating festival, I don’t think I was (or could even be) too late?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh there are many many YT vids about Burning Man, many are kinda interesting. But the feeling I got from most is that this is a kinda wannabe artsy fartsy festival, where boring bourgeoise office drone types can be freaky for one week/year before returning to their office carreers, I heard there are even upperclass camps on the playa where the rich and famous hang out and don’t have to mingle with the bottomfeeders. That’s seriously offputting, no?
          Esoteric? Yes, wannabe esoteric. I bet now, half a year later, you won’t recognize any of those partime desert dwelling shamans and gurus when you meet them on their lunchbreak in the streets of downtown USBigCity
          So IMHO this is a totally pretentious, kinda phoney thing.

          But what do I know? I’m not American and I don’t understand all the broohaha around Burning Man at all. For me it apppears like an overorganized, overregulated weekend at the beach, the kind of getaway I used to enjoy my whole life. But without all the wannabe culture and rules surrounding it.
          Yes, it’s an annually repeating festival since the late 60s or so. So you’re never really late. Just late for the 2017 SL edition and for my blogpost about it.


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