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Bueno morning, fellow pixelpeople.

After I just got up from the sofa and tucked hubby in bed I noticed I had quite some emails waiting for me. The usual SL stuff, Inara, Rosie, ZZ everybody knows of, but also my weekly update for Abhishek’s It’s FOSS blog. That’s handy, so I don’t have to check his semi-interesting site, like, every friggin day but can just read his weekly email and cherrypick the stories that interest me the most. Since Abhi is a Ubuntu guy I don’t find too much of interest but since he’s generally well-informed there are also always some diamonds in the rough. This week I thought immediately of Lady Jackie when I readered the mail. You see why?


No, not Station X; I’ve covered their co-operation with the Manjaro guys the other day already. Franz on the other hand might be more important for Jackie. She complained about missing Skype in Linux. I don’t use any of that shite but I know that Skype is very well accessible in Linux and that Linux even got its own open source version of it, the aforementioned Franz.

Swiss Army app Franz can do more than just Skype.

Why I left the story about Microsoft Office alternatives in my snippet … I dunno. Yes, there are some office suites available in Linux. Most of them more or less compatible with the big fucker Microsoft Office. For some users this seems to be of the utmost importance. Pfff. For me and my humble needs it’s more than satisfying to know that my Linux Open Source Libre Office can read and convert Microsoft’s stupid .doc files into something more professional. Or I can play with them and leave them as .doc, doesn’t matter. See, Libre Office is much more tolerant and co-operative than MS Office can and ever will be.

So far the Linux stuff for today. Laterz xoxoxo


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