Did You Notice?

Have you noticed that Thar She Blows! bloggy is, like, a living organism, full of suspense and drama and always changing? What outwardly appears so calm and peaceful to the naked eye is in fact a deadly blend of snake pit, political turmoil, natural disaster, personal dislikes and all kinds of shitz. No, probably you didn’t notice. Because you never read the comment sections of any of the blogposts. I can tell you, there are some real good bloody battles going on. Particularly in blogposts that started like all harmless and innocent and are already days, sometimes weeks, old.

For example right now our dear friend ZZ and the super famous Strawberry Singh are exchanging blows in an all out shooting war … here in Orca’s essentially meaningless blogthingie:

It happened here!

Of course Orca wouldn’t be Orca if she wouldn’t encourage such bitchslapping fights and bloodbathes. As editrix of Thar She Blows! she knows that violence sells and she must always think about the number of clicks her bloggo generates and secure her own survival in between the bigwig blogs. =^.^=

followAlso may I direct your attention at the Orca’s Stalking column in the sidebar there on the right hand side –>? Same as the individual posts’ comment sections that column is mainly overlooked and ignored, right? Well, your loss. You’re missing out on some of the greatest SL blogs. And I mean real blogs. So, these thoughtful pieces with skillfully made photographs and thoroughly composed tetxts. You’ll find them all there.

And just yesterday and today I’ve added four more blogs to my reading list, among them the beloved Kultivate Magazine, a favourite of the masses. Dunno why I didn’t add that one already much  earlier.

Also very exciting: Do Avatars Dream of Electric Sheep?, a bold and ebony and very very fashionable blog by Silky Serene.

But please don’t forget to peek into this here bloggo as well, sometimes. It’s said Orca’s blog is like a box of chocolades. Among the masses of garbage you might find the one or other carefully hidden delicious praliné if you dig deep enough. 😉



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