Good morning peepels,

guess I’ve told you already about the PaleMoon interwebz browser, right? Oh yes, I have! So this post is just a quick … a quick Not-A-Review but a user report. Review won’t make much sense since operation of PaleMoon is to 99.9% identical to its Firefox grandad.


For me the most important part when adapting to a new browser are two qualifying aspects: Can I take my 3 milion bookmarks with me and does it have the same access to the unbelievably cool Firefox Add-Ons? Yes to both! \o/ HOORAY! \o/ So nothing standing in the way of more privacy and secure surfing now. Importing the bookmarks from external storage was the same as I always do, when installing a new system and went like Swooosh! Ready, done!


I didn’t dive too deep into the wonderful and quirky – and slightly OCD – world of browser add-ons. There are add-ons available for every quirk and every whim you can think of. Orca loves to keep her shit fairly tight so she never installed more than the absolute necessity. Unlike hubby, who’s an almost paranoid security and privacy fanatic and can close up his computer all nuke-proof like. I don’t even know what all his add-ons are doing technically but I know if he wants to watch a simple YT video he first needs to switch off like 3 dozen of his security gimmicks. And when he reads my blog it looks like totally naked on his laptop, like a page of code rather than the lucky bag it’s supposed to be.

Excerpt from Palemoon’s homepage.

Fortunately PaleMoon is by nature already much more secure than Mozilla’s Firefox so many of the couple add-ons I’m usually running aren’t even available and/or just not needed in PaleMoon. And some, like my beloved YouTubeHD aren’t working at all. 😦 But after the very little time I’m on this new browser I’ve not much bad to say about it.

You should really try it. It’s cool, man.

“Aha – an urbanite… You probably think we’re a little old-fashioned up here, but beware … it’s cool man!”

You still on Windows? Yes, shame on you. But at least you can gain the advantages of a politically correct browser since PaleMoon is also available for Windblows.




  1. You will be happy to know I am posting this comment from a Linux distro. No it isn’t one of those super nerdy hard to use, impossible to install not so user uber cool distros…it’s Minty but hey it’s Linux. One day I will be uber hip and snare my nose down on other Linux users from my super hard to use and get nothing done “cooler” distros I bet. LOL

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    • Haha … Grrrr! 😦
      Jackie, what makes a distro hard to use is a bad GUI. You know I’m running a supposedly geeky ArchLinux fork, named Manjaro. BUUUT, it is reasonably easy to use since they made a sensationally easy to use installer for it. And installing Linux is already like half the rent paid. This thing is kinda similar to Mint’s installer, only even easier. And day to day operation? Well, I’m on Mate desktop, and that is so super old school user paradigm, every preschooler should be able to use it … even dorky Orci does.

      Super nerdy distros are Gentoo, Arch vanilla, Linux from scratch and similar shitz. They’re for masochists who wanna create an unnecessary painful lifestyle for themselves.

      Apart from that I’ve gotta say congratz on your decision to go with Mint. It’s not as as hot as Ubuntu but much more sane. I’m sooooo proud of you. Mint was and still is my favourite distro of the Ubuntu family and I wholeheartedly recommend it for every beginner in the world of Linux. And it’s deliciously minty. :)What DE you using, Cinn or Mate? And did you use an old spare computer or are you dual booting on your main machine? Oh, and when you’re getting sick and tired of installing a new version every half year, maybe try the LMDE version. Once installed it rolls with you until your PC craps out.

      Ooooh, and hey, didn’t I ask all of you convertees to please make a short or long report about how and why you came to the decision to try out Linux, what hardware you’re using and what your first impressions are so far? And make many many photos and screenshots! Need an invite as co-blogger? Gimme your email addy and I’ll send you one.

      Whoa! I’m seriously impressed, all excited and giddy now! Pleeez pleez pleez, tell us more, send nudes and give us all the nitty gritty details. What this blog needs is more Linux! 🙂
      And of course more cowbell. But that isn’t the topic now. 😉


      • Well I am currently running it with virtualization hosted by Windows…I know I know. But some cool things I heard are happening. For one earlier this summer when I tested here on this post

        You may recall, I hated the old version 4 point something Skype. Well I see they now have a new Skype for I am testing that out. I also managed to get steam installed. I downloaded the whole tar ballz thinggy for Firestorm, haven’t figured out how to launch that yet…’s wierd.

        So anyway, I am trying to use it for as much as my day to day stuffs as possible now. I am not ready to unplug from Windows completely but for the time being I am using it for everything but Adobe Photoshop (yes I know about Gimp, NO, it isn’t as good…it just isn’t). Although it isn’t on a seperate machine running on the actual hardware yet, I do intend to upgrade my current rig and make a linux box out of this one…maybe the new rig will run windows hosting Linux and the current rig the other way around to sort of migrate. For now, I like using the Linux OS and just using my adobe and skype from Windows on top when needed.

        I am using the Cinnamon flavored version. See, I didn’t like it when I tested it because out of the Distros I tried in VM it was the only one that had the whole using Software Virtualizaztion crapola message. BUT, I learned a new thing or two and got the guest additions thing a ma bob going and that problem is solved, so if I can get the darn Firestorm thing to launch…well WIndows would only serve me for my Photoshop work, which is something I do actually need at work unless I can convince my company to change their workflow..unlikely. For the record I have been using Libre Office and not had Microsuck Office for close to two years now…so that’s good right?

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        • I am sooo fukn proud of you!!! If you would be standing right next to me in SL right now I dunno if I could get a hold of myself or just jump at you and pay my respect in sexual favours. 🙂 LOL

          Jackie, on a more earnest note (and you know I hardly am like earnest, ever), I have no clue about tarballs and all the things needed to install programs that are not featured in the repos. But I found a workaround. It’s not very elegant but it works. Let me quickly make a blogstory about how to run Firestorm in a Ubuntu environment. For absolute non-geeks.

          Please gimme like an hour, ok?


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