5 minutes in world. Visiting Slanty up on her platform, walking some steps, sinking down through the floor … eternal walk and …

Crashtastic SL 😮

What a sad and unexpected  way to cut short my inworld experience, Lindens. 😦 I hate you fuckers so much right now.

Is this 2017 or 2007?

Don’t really feel like trying again. Honestly, I have some housewifeish stuffz to do around the house and … oh yeah, cleaning up the garage. That’s a thing I’m procrastinating since weeks but right now it promises to be more fun than logging into SL again.


  1. Despite my long hate of Firestorm i found that it is the Only viewer (LL included) that can make me stay in World during a live show that has more then 10 ppl attending) , so as besides, im not crashing either when crossing sims, even when doing over 60 knots, i m using it. Yes i hate its range of options that will never use and made it harder to set, i hate is lower graphics quality compared with LL viewer with same graphic settings (barely but noticeable) and i hate that LL let a 3th party make the viewer they should be doing by themselves but the fact is…
    It works (64b windows version) and it works better then Official LL viewer (32b or 64b).

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  2. can’t really blame FS for that I use it for bento and sing for everything else FS has way to much crap that’s never used i agree with ZZ totally BUT it depends on your PC much more than the viewer xx

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