Strawberry’s 2nd SecondLifeChallenge

This time is all about Berry’s teats your Zodiac sign.

Yay, let’s see what the berryliciously Strawberry Singh challenges us with today:

1. What is your Zodiac sign? Pff, somehow I knew this would be one of the questions, hehe. I think, since I answer this in my capacity as Orca Flotta I’ll go with her Zodiac sign:  Born on January 18 makes me a Capricorn I guess. Heyyy, I said capricorn, not unicorn, stupid!!! Shit, I’d hoped a rezday in January would make me something more cool than a My Little Pony, but a real Aquarius …


2. Do you believe in Astrology and read your horoscope often? Nope and hell, no!

3. What are some of the traits of your zodiac sign and do you feel they reflect who you are? Fuk do I know, and the only thing that reflects who I am is, uh … myself.

My Little Pony Wallpapers - My Little Pony Friendship is ...
One of them is supposed to be Orca? 😦

What, that’s it already? Only 3 kwestshuns/challenges? Oh Berry, getting lazy already after this short time in your task? Anyway, peeps, if you feel like joining in the fun of playing with Berry, plees go to her blog (not this one), and send your answers to her comment section (not this one). Or, even better, do the challenge in your own blog and just send the link to Berry’s blog (not this one). Win/Win.

PS: Of course I’m happy to hear about your challenge too, so feel free to answer here as well, or send me the URL to yours.

Laterz xoxoxo



    • Let me ask again, what happened between you two bishies? Two intelligent and gifted girls. And you find nothing better to do with your time than fighting and banning?

      I am shocked. You hear, SHOCKED!!!

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      • Well, she knows well my thoughts about her religion and guess that didn’t go well, she thinks i’m a trumpster, a racist and probably more nasty things. I just ignore her points of view regarding religion as i do with any other, guess my dislike of clinton was the culprit for the politics misunderstanding and for the rest i have no clues, lol.

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        • Well, religion is always a topic best to be avoided if you wanna keep lots of friends. 🙂 In that regard I hate them all, with maybe xtianity leading as the most disgusting one, but her sister religions muslim and judism not much better. And now I know why I don’t have many friends on this planet. Well, earth ain’t the only planet in the universe, so maybe I can make friends elsewhere. =^.^=

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            • ZZ, I know you are not a Trumpster and even if you were, I would never block you because of that. I blocked you because you stated that all muslims should die. No reason for you to read this muslim’s blog then. You also behaved like a complete lunatic in many of my posts leaving hostile and volatile comments about different designers, Linden Lab and just complete nonsense most of the time. I welcome all kinds of disagreements and different viewpoints in my posts. What I don’t welcome are hateful, disgusting people like yourself. Have a nice day.

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                • “should not breath the same air as all the rest.”

                  Uh, wouldn’t that mean, like, being dead? In the usual context I guess it means exactly that. When I stop breathing your air, or that of anybody else, after two or three minutes I’d be dead. =^.^=

                  Be more mindful with your statements, ZZ. You just wished death on the lovely Berry. 😮


              • Regarding Different designers, i think all know that i do hate the power and restrictions Maitreya creators impose to any that work for their body, denying most the free will to also create for other brands.
                Also i don’t lick all times LL asshole.
                I real agree with the last point you made, i’m truly hateful towards any that tries to deny my free will to express myself on public blogs and i’m probably as disgusting cause i have to buy Linden form times to times to pay for my Sl joy.

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                • It’s not about licking LL’s ass, in the comments of my blog post you were saying that Linden Lab purposely left copyrighted content on the marketplace so they can make money off of it. I don’t mind if you have criticism of LL or any other designer, but you accuse people and businesses of practices that are illegal and not true. That is slander and not constructive criticism.

                  And yes, you did say all muslims should die. Those were your exact words that I saw with my own eyes. But feel free to deny it now, it will make you look like a better person.

                  My apologies to Orca for messing up your comments by fighting with this filthy liar. I honestly do not want to see this person’s face or name again and that is why I had to finally block them from my blog because even after I told them to fuck off and leave me alone ( ) they continue to visit my blog and partake in my challenges and memes, probably because they have no self-respect.

                  Also, here is the day that I decided I had enough of this person:
                  Read that plurk completely and you’ll know exactly why I no longer want to see this person’s name again. They also never came back to reply to my comments in that plurk because they were such a coward, but instead took to twitter to continue to spread their hate.

                  Since I don’t want to see this disgusting person’s name ever again, I will take this opportunity to thank you ahead of time Orca if you do any of my future challenges as I will no longer click over to your posts because I just do not want to see this person’s name any longer in your comments. I really appreciate all of your support of my challenges over the years and I hope you continue to enjoy them and do them but I won’t be clicking over.

                  I have already blocked this person on every other social network except plurk, which I will be doing now in the next 5 minutes so hopefully after this I will never have to deal with their hate again.

                  Take care Orca.

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                  • Sorry Berry, I don’t follow your various social media thingies other than your WP blog and have no idea what happens over there on twatter and plork and what else. What I noticed tho in that Plurk is a long row of Berry obviously freaking out and going crazy. I guess ZZ’s replies were deleted when you banned her from your Plurk. So what appears like a manic street preacher happened obviously after the fact. The couple examples of ZZ you added a bit later were (in my my eyes) acceptable. She played hardball but not radical.

                    Anyhoo, I’m a socialist, not a socialite, don’t even own a smartphone, so all I care about is the blogging landscape of SL. Not any other social bullshit. And I can see no reason as to why you and ZZ shouldn’t get along.

                    And no reason to apologize for expressing your own opinion and expertise on Thar She Blows! I welcome it. Guess it gives the name of my blog a whole new meaning. 🙂 However I’m so horny for clicks I rather see a bloodbath happening here than having a harmonious, but ultimately boring, blog. So, never ever apologize for expressing your feelings. Even if they may appear irrational (which they don’t) or full of anger (which is understandable).

                    If I feel I have quite enough of your and ZZ’s bickering I’m absolutely capable of using my editrix powers and delete some stuff. Up to now I never saw the need to do so.


                  • “you were saying that Linden Lab purposely left copyrighted content on the marketplace”

                    Oh, I don’t know anything about that first hand but I do know that ZZ ain’t the only SL resi complaining about LL’s passivity and non-reaction regarding resale of copyrighted wares.

                    Coming to think of it, oh yes, I’ve once detected some “stolen” designs (sailboats in this example) being resold by some motherloving lazy asswipe. I just informed the original builder and then stepped back and let them handle the affair.


  1. An OPEN LETTER to Berry and ZZ:

    Girls, STOP!

    I haven’t witnessed anything that led to ZZ’s ban from your blog, Berry, but what I see now, and the little I know about each of you is that you’re both in the very small circle of my fave SL bishies and I hate to see you fighting … over nothing. Now if you would wrestle it out in a mud pit, trying to rip off each other’s ‘kini … that’s a thing I’d very much love to witness. 🙂 This mutual misunderstanding and She Said – She Said scenario is not something I like to see. Not something SL resis like or need to see. Girls, you both are responsible for your own blogs as well; do you wanna see them going down and turning into mudwrestling pits like Orca’s pondlife bloggy? No, I didn’t think so. You’re better than that! So please, may I ask both of you for a bit more ladylike behaviour and modicum?

    We all know ZZ doesn’t tend to self-censoring, and thx god for that. I love and respect her view of ALL religions. I hate them as well. What may come across like holy anger is often not intended to sound that harsh, I guess. Berry, you know that in Europe, particularly in the southern parts, people are more direct and don’t hide behind false politeness. Also let’s not forget that Portugal and Spain were once ruled over by the moors, and it’s still deeply anchored in their geneology and culture. Please take that into account whenever you read a statement by ZZ. She’s torn between two cultures.

    We also know that Berry isn’t your usual muslim terrorist or ISIS bride. Her self-respect is to great to trip into that trap. ZZ should know that too. Berry doesn’t propagate radical islamism. Not even mild islamism. In fact did she never mention it other than stating frankly what religion she adheres to. And that she fasts during ramadan. So for her it’s more like a fashionable diet. Please take that into account, ZZ. What Berry maybe forgot is that ZZ isn’t a natural born english speaker (same as me) so one sometimes needs a little bit of interpretative skills when reading any of her posts/comments.

    What gave ZZ the idea Berry might be a religious nutjob we’ll never know. You shouldn’t believe what you read in the papers about muslims, ZZ. What I experience here in Cape Town is that most are only doing their friday prayers and don’t eat pork or drink alcohol. They are far from doing any extremist bombing. That one bomb in Planet Hollywood restaurant was gang related crime, not even politically motivated. And that happened like almost 20 years ago now. The muslims also have the bestest food recipes, nothing wrong with that I guess.

    What I know for a fact is that you both are really, really great SL assets. And please never resort to any behaviour that makes you liabilities. And that goes for the both of you!

    And now sit down your bums, accept your differences, shake hands, send more nudes and fuck the shut up! Or something like, that. 😉 hua hua.

    “Love and sparkles!” as Rosie would say.


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