Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain.

Yeah, finally the gates of heaven have opened up a little and giving us some much needed *relief … or relieve or whatever you call it:

The plants in our mini garden are frolicking under the natural shower.
And the poor desolate pot plants are getting some water too.

Will it be enough to get us out of the recent pickle?

No! Again, not that pickle, you retarded muppet! Talking about the drought crisis. 😦 And now Fok Off with that thing!!!

Obviously not. The rain didn’t even last for an hour, clouds are disappearing fast now and the sky is becoming blue again. So this ain’t the right time to join the climate change deniers and vote for Trump yet. 😦





*My dickshonary gives me the same translation for each. :/


    • I guess it won’t make much difference. The most powerful man in the world has pretty much his hands bound and can only do what the corporatocracy tells him to do.


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