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Good old Drax playing with the Big Bois n Gurlz.

Whoa!, Philip Rosedale himself. Sparred with Draxtor. Read if you like. And watch the *video. And get hot and register with Sansar or High Fidelity … and leave us poor SL stepchildren alone in our poor little underdeveloped pixelworld. 😦

At least in SL we can sit down. Our avies and we players too. I guess neither in HiFi nor in Sansar this is possible yet. Hah, we win!!! πŸ™‚

* I guess the real interview/discussion only starts at around 30 mins in since they obviously had some technical probs.

One comment

  1. Both are words made for 3d headsets, if one uses them they look good enough. As i don’t intend to, i pass. And i do believe the biggest mistake is trying to make mix non 3d users on them.


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