Empire Onsen on Beatles Island

What better way to celebrate my full return to the grid than with a real good splishy splashy, right? So, first thing I did today was checking the search for onsens I haven’t been to yet. Mmmmm, found a good one. Look:

Beatles Island isn’t the most beautiful sim ever. But very very Japanese and got its own atmosphere.
The Empire Onsen on Beatles Island is easy to find and due to our impressive Japanese skills we know immediately thru which curtain we must enter. 😉
As is common in  modern onsens you’ll find a little area where you can check on your body weight amd size.
Cleanliness is next to godliness and blah blah … Yes, we take a shower before jumping into any pool, not just in Japan.
Hm, I know cats are kinda clean but still. Must have a serious talk with the bandai about letting pets into the bathhouse. :/
Empire Onsen offers a small variety of solo splishy splashy anims and a seperate set for couple anims. Didn’t try the couples stuff but the solos are ok-ish. 
“Choo Choo, I’m a train!”
Nice thing about the solo anims: They place you into different parts of the pool. So when you go bathing with friends you’ll not end up all on one big messy pile of avatar bodies. 
This is gokuraku.
What can’t be missed from any onsen is a handpainted mural with nice nature scenes. Mostly of mount Fuji.
Like the rest of the sim, the onsen is also a typical urban bathhouse. Not romantic and with breathtaking views onto the landscape but a sober and functional setting. I must say I quite like it.

The bather’s verdict: Same as the first onsen I’ve ever visited, Empire Onsen is also a very urban onsen and sticks kinda close to the original Japanese tradition, only not in such a strict (and also silly) way. This is more toned down and puts the comfort of the guest before any onsen tradition stuff. Nothing spectacular here but just a nice little experience and cleansing of your avie. Recommended.

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