Yes, Trump is a Raging Sociopath but …

… Lee Camp begs to differ. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. Because it’s not like his predecessors were any better. Watch this Lee Camp special and see and learn and weep bitter tears with me as we watch the world burn. Maiti called him crazy. If what he says is crazy then I wanna be at least 120% as crazy as Lee Camp. 🙂 Anyway, this is one of his better rants:

What say you, dear readers? I’m particularly interested in hearing from the people living inside “the belly of the beast”. How’s life right now?


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  1. From the “belly of the beast” sort of. While that is where I live I’ve also insulated myself from most of the effects of the corporate media in this country. I agree with Lee Camp, who I’ve watched for years. Trump is just a continuation of the crooks and lying criminals, we’ve had as president for a long time.

    I’ve insulated myself from the corporate news media by NOT watching it, or reading it, or even listening to it. The only time CNN, MSNBC, et all are on my radar is last thing I do each day. I check the news feed that was built into my phone. I call it checking how Trump has fked up today.

    The only time I’ve not found something was the Sunday Hurricane Irma was about to hit. I thought that was appropriate since it took a really BIG wind to upstage the blowhard Trump.

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