\o/ YAY! \o/

Now will ya look at that?


Yes, that’s silly Orca frolicking on her build plat. Obviously the bitch is kinda happy.

But why? Why is this mostly grumpy hater so happy all of a sudden?

Because she met her guruine in world. And guruine was really helpful and told Orca all the tricks and commands she needed to know in order to install her Singularity Alpha viewer. On Manjaro. No downgrading to Debian necessary,

And that’s all sorts of great and good news. And that’s why Orcsi is jumping for joy!

On a litle bit more sombre note I asked Jean what internetz browser we’re supposed to use when Firefox will be unacceptable from version 57 onwards? Her recommendation was PaleMoon. So, I will relay that recommendation for all of you: If we haven’t lost you yet to the very politically incorrect Chrome browser then I can wholeheartedly refer you to PaleMoon. It’s not just for Linux but for Windows as well. No idea about Apple, but that system is totally irrelevant anyway so let’s forget it.

Orca’s PaleMoon right after installation.

Pale Moon is a Firefox derivative, so you’ll have access to nifty add-ons and you can bring your bookmarks from previous Firefox installs with you. I haven’t tested everything out yes but the main difference is that PaleMoon won’t suprise you with any chrome-ish bad surprises but respects your privacy. If you’re serious about de-Googleing your life, this should be your very first stepping stone on the way to independence and privacy.


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