I Have Enough of this Shit!

Guys, I’m missing SL. No, really. I mean, ok, I can check inworld no problem, as you can see in the photos, I’m logged inworld right nownow. Even IMing with offline Gurujin Jean Horten. But this all takes too long, much too long. And being inworld with Gaga just ain’t the same as when I’m on MiniMax. I need my good Nvidia graphics.

I want my SL experience now. Right now! Immediately!


So I have a most cunning plan how to achieve my goal. Swapping out my good old trusted Manjaro system for something different. Get away from ArchLinux based systems for a nifty Debian install. Yeah, Sparky was good if I remember correctly. Just downloaded a new ISO file, 5.1, of course the Rolling edition and preloaded with my favourite Mate desktop. Can’t be more convenient than  this. Perfect.

As you know MiniMax ain’t the most trustworthy PC neither, due to the mucked up mobo. 😦 So it’s kinda risky if MiniMax will get its ass back up after reinstall. But it’s a risk I feel I just have to take.

Okayyyy, hopefully see you back in a bit, and hopefully on Debian and on SL. Wish me luck. Gawd, I’m so worried, and nervous … 😮



    • Sorry, you lost me now. From my 3 desktop PCs only 1 is large enough to fit a graphics card into. My selfbuilt M-ITX. The 2 Lenovos are too small form factors. So my SL access relies on the functioning mobo in MiniMax. MiniMe and Gaga are pure office warriors and distro testers.
      Also, the graphics card ain’t the problem here, the mobo is. That and some kinda incompability between Manjaro and Singu.
      But as you can read already in the next post https://orcaflotta.blog/2017/10/14/o-yay-o-5/ my gurujin solved that problem for me. All is fine now as long as I don’t switch off the computer.


      • That makes my head hurt..lol Too much work to get a Linux distro to work. And now i understand…proprietary motherboards not standard form factor…another reason I won’t own a prebuilt, even a mini itx has a pcie slot for a graphic s card.

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        • Jackie, the Linux distro as such is working like a champ, indestructible, fast af and super duper nifty. In princip my Arch is even the best environment to install Singularity and Firestorm in, since some volunteer put both into the Arch User Repository. This is perfect and even faster and easier than installing it in Windows. With one single command you download and install the whole viewer. No browsing thru the intenet, no clutter. It’s just my beloved Manjaro developed a incompability. But we just needed to add some outdated system files to make it work again.

          Yes, my M-ITX probably has a pcie slot. No idea what it is but when you say so, okeeeee. 🙂 But why use it when I have the real slot, dunno what that is called. It’s just click and clack, a bit like LEGO. Works 100% of the time.

          I dunno if the mobos in my small form factor machines are proprietary or if that is also a standard format. Anyway, these machines aren’t made for gaming but for industrial and office usage. In so far they won’t need a dedicated graphics solution. Anyhoo, I love both my micro PCs, they are all kinds of nifty and cool.
          Little Gaga was just standing in for MiniMax for some weeks and did very well. Only SL was a bit problematic. And let’s not forget, these machines are really much too small to put a graphics card in. Mini-ITX are giants compared to sweet little Gaga. =^.^=


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