1. I don’t get angry about government. Like I tell people all the time, there really is no such entity…shits all a fiction of made up words given the power of some deity. I don’t work for that particular corporation and I could as much about their corporate policies or who the President of that corporation is about as much as I care about the corporate policies at Walmart, I don’t work for either one of them.

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    • OOooh, do I sense a hint of anger in you, dear?

      But I can assure you, in most countries there is in fact an entity called government. And it mostly even works. For you, not against you. And in the more serious and developed nations they even use the tax money kinda for your own good. Instead of buying tanks and warships they give you schools, unis, roads, hospitals, police, postal and telecom services, homes for the elderly, all the infrastructure you need.
      Of course it gets less and less because many governments are following America’s good example. 😮


  2. It would be cool if their thugs stopped robbing me for protection money every time I get paid. Apparently, this sort of mob behaviour was going on before I was born and will continue long after I am gone. I would fight them but they have nukes and armies and shit, so I just turn out my pockets and hope they don’t kill me while they pick through my belongings and take whatever they want…FREEDOM! Yay!

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