More About America

Or America Bashing as Maiti and alts/friends were/are accusing me of. Heyyy, wot? I just link to American sources, as American as hamburgers! Here, for example, are two articles by The Daily Beast. If you wanna get infuriated I recommend reading them …

This isn’t a game. It isn’t just Trump being Trump

Uhm, I beg to differ. The western media, particularly in the USA reports totally in favour of US and NATO politics. What Trump tries to get rid of here are personal dislikes, it’s critique of his persona. Has nothing to do with the public, just your fugly ego, you muppet!


Sorry, I guess it’s too little too late. 😦

We know how it’s going to end, do we? A plan long in the making, this will be another Iraq situation. The next terrorist attack in America will be blamed entirely on Iran, the UN will cry for revenge, US troops and the usual gang of “allies” will invade Iran, kill millions, let the US have all the oil and declare Trump a great leader, the best in the world.




    • Don’t get your hopes up too high, hun. USA is still a dream for most of the world’s population. You guys can’t set a foot wrong. People like me are in a very small and dangerous niche of reasonably well informed demography without any personal agenda or gains. Most people in Europe and Asia are looking up to you guys, many even hoping for the legendary green card. Look at NATO, look at UNO, both totally in the hands of America.
      In fact I guess most people on earth still see the shiny city on the hill when they look at America. I guess one has to have it experienced in person and pay attention to the alternate media to get a real glimpse at what’s going on.
      Anyhoo, America gave us Second Live, so it’s grrrreat! \o/ YAY! \o/


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