Orca in a Pickle. :(

“Like so?”

Nope you muppet, not ON  a pickle. IN a pickle, dammit!

What really happened, what got me into this most recent pickle was this …

Got my not so fancy mobo back from Gigabyte, put it into my computer, reinstalled Linux, made everything nice and fine and was happy with my system for, like, a week or so.

Awwww, poor MiniMax. 😦

Then, after the weekly update process, I attempted to reboot the PC and …

CADLink for Visual Manufacturing - CAD to Infor Data Link

… pffff … how about hitting me with a big fat NOPE!?! With some trickery I got it to boot into the UEFI/BIOS and eventually was able to restart the Linux system. Something’s seriously broken in that board, system time is completely out of sync and refuses to resync with the internet time. Also at every attempt to start the machine it tells me there ain’t no boot disk. 😮 Doesn’t matter much I guess. As long as I leave MiniMax untouched and don’t switch it off, all is kinda fine.

But I’d really really like to bring the fukn mobo back to Gigabyte and create a scene there. Unfortunately though …

Aaaaw, poor Oubaas. 😮

… Oubaas is with Norman again. As is usual with a long term project of restoration and customizing our Transit will go in and out of the workshop at least until xmas. 😦 Meaning we’ll get him like every fortnight for a weekend, so we can run errands and do the groceries and then we’ve gotta bring him back in.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous SL bloggers. :.(



  1. Did you happen to do a bios reflash? Also in the UEFI is it listing both sticks of RAM accurately? The only time issue I have seen was due to the little battery on the board (they are like 2 dollars and can be bought at most drug stores here in the states), actually that going bad can cause alot of little wierd things. I am sure you know enough to set the boot priority so thats a wierd one.

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    • No, didn’t reflash. I was so happy when I got the computer finally running, I didn’t dare rebooting it again. This thing will now run 24/7 until I get Oubaas back and can drive down to the Gigabyte service and redeliver the mobo. I don’t think it’s a weak battery either since it was just delivered to me. Most probaly not a new board but a refurbished one, since the LGA1150 gen is EOL but I guess refurbished boards will have new CMOS batteries.


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