*EDIT* Drax’s ‘Our Digital Selves’ Movie Project. *EDIT*

DraxThis is probably the biggest documentary project Draxtor Despres has done so far. I guess for Our Digital Selves he literally traveled the globe, visited and interviewed SL resis and their avies worldwide. The result looks to be a caleidoscope of us real world Linden Lab customers, of how normal or irregular we are, what we are like behind the computer, who drives all the avies. And what we think about our digital placeholders and proxies. How we define them ourselves, how much personality we give them and in  how far they are true reflections or copies of ourselves in the meat world.

The Drax Files World Makers PosterEven if you’re not very interested in all the philosophical issues, watching the trailor should be kinda important anyway. =^.^= Our Digital Selves is far more important, also in terms of self-recognisation, than his Atlas-Hopping videos, Drax hosts with Strawberry Singh in the new LL Sansar experience.

I don’t know how you feel about your avie and yourself, I myself am totally focused on the avatars I meet in SL. Kittensusie Landar is a tiny tubby cat, Lucy is the always half-nekkid beach bimbo, Orca is … a dorky, mostly slightly pissed off bish. Do I wanny know the people behind the avatars? Sorry, no, not really. In fact am I a bit taken aback, even slightly repulsed about seeing the meaty RL representations of all my cartoonish SL friends. I guess most of you have more complex feelings about this aspect of SL than the pretty much one-way mind of Orca.

BernhardDraxAnyhoo, the trailor made me curious and I’m ready to see more of Our Digital Selves, even if it hurts. It’s maybe the cathartic experience I don’t want but need.



And, as always, Inara knows more.

Demography of the study grop: 15. Jeez, that’s representative.


  1. Extremely interesting to me I’m really looking forward to it. It seems more like the stories interesting Draxtor did in the past. I find it very different in tone than the shill of Atlas Hopping.

    I’m glad you showed this Occa. I’ve stopped following Draxtor. Beginning in 2015 he essentially just became a one more hyper for VR hardware and lately a shill for Sansar and that was a waste of time my time. But this looks good. I might even start following Draxtor again.

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  2. Small clarification: 15 are involved in the film at present. That’s not necessarily the total number of people engaged in the study (I hope to be talking to Tom and Donna more on that, as well as other aspects of how people have / are participating).

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