Bizarro Newness. :o

People are weirdly wasteful. Read the story and weep with me. :..(

Of course everybody remembers the pizza on the White family’s roof, yes? And … did you also curiously observe said pizza’s slowly downward sliding micromovement and its decay the weeks after it landed on the roof? Of course you did. 😉 Let’s be honest here, that pizza and its slippery lifecycle into oblivion was the secret star of Breaking Bad for quite a while.

But what really amazes me – and not in a positive sense – is the fact that many people obviously find it funny to throw perfectly fine pizzi onto the roof of the really existing house in Albuquerque. These are no movie props but fine, tasteful pizzi that cost money and labour to produce … only for some asswipes to throw them on Walter White’s roof! 😦

I bet it’s the same cornholios who also go out at night and beat up homeless bums as entertainment. Fuksake is wrong with people?


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