• Me too, Luna, me too. And I’m still worried.
      I mean, it’s hard to imagine what must’ve happened to Lucy after typing the title. What made her posting the started draft without adding anything? Doesn’t she know she can just let it rest forever, without posting, if she still needs to compile more info or photos or whatev? I do that sometimes and it worx great, you’re not gonna lose anything you’ve done up to that point.

      This is really worrisome, isn’t it? 😮


        • I can indeed see the video, Lucy. Congratz on getting that right. Although I’ve gotta say we all could watch the exact same video not even a year ago from the same British Broadcasting Corporation in exactly this here blog:


          LOL.! 🙂
          Are you trying to be a fake Orca, Lucy?
          Bad enough the BBC faked their own video with some (actually a lot of) CGI trickery.

          PS: For all my co-bloggers, linking a YT vid in a WordPress blog is as easy as eating pie. Just copy the URL of the video, e.g.

          and paste it into the body of your post. Et voila, the rest goes automagically. This is indeed easier than uploading photos n stuffz.


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          • Awww, sorry Orcsi, didn’t see it was a repost.

            Problem with video is that I first shared a facebook video, that is not directly shareable outside that crappy unsocial midia (yes, I hate it, but is the main way I have to be in contact with some people I do love).

            There is a code to share F-videos, but it seems that WordPress changed it to something else 😦

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to share stuff. Many sites want you to sign in and become a member or whatever. In case of videos it should be easy to find any video that’s on the internet in YouTube. If it’s in facebook it will 100% be in YT as well. Just have to search for it.


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