A Blast from the Past!

Now looksie what I’ve found in my email inbox today:


Oh! 😮

Did you know that thing was still a thing? Must’ve been years since anybody uploaded something to our very own Second Life boatporn I guess. If I remember correctly it was an initiative started by Béa, back when she was still (hyper)active. 🙂 These days I don’t even think the original RL boatporn is still alive.

Anyone know more?



    • Yeah. Shit, it was good … kinda. 😉

      But honestly, why would I waste my best sailing photos on the porn site when I have my own blog that I can use as my personal gallery? Apropos, why doesn’t anybody send me nice sailing stories and photos? It’s what this blog needs, urgently. Yes, I know Lucy does her best but she can only so so much with always the same boat and the same sailors on the same courses.
      And the editrix herself … well, missed another chance for cruising with Kitten, just last night. 😦


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