It Becomes Increasingly Hard

… to be friends (or at least friendly) with the USA:

You don’t read those news in the mainstream Western media. 😦

One thing right in  the beginning before everybody (Hi Maiti) starts accusing me of America bashing: We all love America for several reasons, from the nice landscapes and friendly people, via their stuffs and inventions, hula hoops, skateboards, surfboards, Harley Davidsons, muscle cars, shallow TV shows, cheesy heavy metal bands, the internet and Apple computers, down to the relaxed hippie-ish lifestyle they instilled on us in the past. All good and groovy.


But when you study history, when you look behind the glittering facade, when you really start to analyze their global politics the picture shows you a less charming, less childlike, much more sinister country. A country with a runaway capitalism, a free and uncontrolled market, a country with unresolved racial issues, oppression of workers- and civil rights, a country of no protection from employers, a country without clear distinction between government and religion. A country where 0.001% of the population reigns with an iron heel over the vast majority of good people.


And most of all you start to see a totally selfish country, an unreliable ally, an enemy not willing to stay true to any contracts and negotiations. A country where the way their politicians talk and act are diametrically opposed. As becomes particularly evident when we look at the middle east. The USA’s declared goal is to create chaos and political turmoil in the whole region, which they achieved to do since the end of WW2 or even earlier. Not that the UK is less guilty when it comes to these parts of the world … but you know what I mean, right?


Anyhoo, please read the post by The Saker, inform yourself, form your own opinion! I know I’m keeping the article in my bookmarks since quite a while already, always in doubt if I should post it or not, so the newness  isn’t really that brandnew anymore. And it doesn’t matter. The USA is doing that sort of thing all the time. And now that they see Syrian and Russian forces are winning against ISIS, they notice they are losing control over the situation. And they try to stop their ally Russia from becoming victorious in this war against ISIS. Because that’s not what the US had planned, not for themselves and not for ISIS. So they resort to their old modus operandi: Create havoc and chaos.


Only this time they are doing it to hide the chaos at the home front, in Washington D.C., where nobody knows what anybody’s doing. The new wild card potus, the GOP, all a chaos. So they try some trickery on the battlefield, trying to obfuscate friends and foes. And when I’m talking about “they”, I must admit I don’t really know myself who “they” are. Nobody knows. Lately we’re hearing about the military having the much better ideas than Washington, how to get out of their self-created pickle. Yes, a friggin wonder, the US military tries to break out of the echo chamber of the many “they” that make up the gov’ment these days.

And as we’ve seen now their tricks, the tricks of the unknown “they” aren’t really working anymore. Because “they” don’t know who “they” are either. 😉

But we know one thing for certain: There is no shiny city on top of the hill!



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